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Publish Date : 2/7/2024 7:13:20 PM
Iran has never left negotiating table, will never do so in future: Raisi

Iran has never left negotiating table, will never do so in future: Raisi

Iran’s President Ebrahim Raisi says his country has never left the negotiating table and will never do so in the future.

Iran has had no diversion in its peaceful nuclear program, the president said on Wednesday as he addressed foreign ambassadors and representatives in Tehran in a ceremony marking the 45th victory anniversary of the Islamic Revolution.

He referred to Western sanctions imposed on Iran partly over its nuclear energy program, saying that the measures failed to stop the progress of the country as it has made great achievements in different areas.

President Raisi also said that the Iranian nation has the right to attain peaceful nuclear energy, noting that nuclear weapons have no place in the Islamic Republic’s doctrine based on a Fatwa (religious order) issued by Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei , which bans nukes.

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has confirmed in 15 statements that Iran’s nuclear program has had no diversion, Raisi said.

He added that the countries, which have nuclear warheads and bombs, intend to deprive Iran of its eligible right to develop nuclear technology for peaceful purposes, but they should realize that the Iranian nation will continue to insist on its right.  

Raisi also referred to the Israeli regime’s atrocities in the Gaza Strip and said that what is happening in the besieged Palestinian territory is a hegemonic movement which is revealing the true image of the US and the West.

“Victory belongs to the Palestinian nation and the Zionist regime has failed because it did not achieve the goals it had announced in advance”, the president said.

He advised the West and the US not to make decisions for Palestine and let the Palestinians determine their own future.

Those who talk about democracy should let every Palestinian have one vote, should let Muslims, Christians, Jews, everyone have one vote, Raisi noted.

He said that the current world order is unjust and is to blame for the current developments in Palestine. The existing world order should be revised in order to be replaced with a fair one, he added.



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