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Publish Date : 1/21/2024 4:46:05 PM
A hostage who gives false addresses!


A hostage who gives false addresses!

"Rafael Grossi", the director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency, claimed that Iran is punishing this international organization for the actions committed by the United States and European countries. In an interview with AFP on the sidelines of the "Davos" summit, he claimed that Iran has limited its cooperation with the Atomic Energy Agency.

NOURNEWS- The director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency claimed in his latest statement that Iran has restricted its cooperation with the IAEA in an unprecedented way. "It's a way of punishing us for external events," he said. "When France or England or the United States does something they don't like, it's as if they hold the IAEA hostage to their disputes with others, this is not acceptable for us." he added.

Rafael Grossi's words can be considered from several perspectives; First, the Islamic Republic of Iran has always announced that it regulates and implements the level of relations with the Agency based on safeguards and NPT treaties that are applicable to all members, and has been adhering to it until now.

Iran has even voluntarily implemented the annexation protocol at times, which was not binding, and after that, based on its rights in the JCPOA and the approval of the Islamic Council, it has refused to continue on this path. Based on this, Grossi's claim regarding Iran's lack of cooperation with the agency is a false and unacceptable claim.

Second, according to the agency's regulations, the host country has the right to accept the agency's inspectors, and whenever it considers any of them to be an undesirable element, it has the right to refuse to accept or even suspend the inspectors' activities; Therefore, Iran's action in not accepting some inspectors of the agency is completely legal and is one of Iran's legal rights. The important point is that the agency is obliged to maintain secrecy regarding the nuclear secrets of the countries, while the information related to Iran has not only been provided to the western countries, but has also been published in the media space. As a result of the agency's lack of secrecy, the grounds for the assassination of nuclear scientists, vandalism and attacks by the Zionist regime on some nuclear facilities have been created, which the agency must respond to instead of making extra-legal demands.

Thirdly, while Grossi claimed that the agency was taken hostage by Iran, a look at the political and non-technical behavior of the agency and its director general in the past shows that this agency has always been a prisoner of the political approaches of the western powers and the influence of the Zionist regime in this international institution and making accusations about Iran's illegal behavior is closer to a joke. One of the fundamental principles of the JCPOA was the closing of the case of the Agency's alleged claims regarding Iran's military nuclear program (PMD), which was resolved within the framework of this agreement, but the Agency and its Director General, citing false and undocumented statements and contrary to the agreements between them, They opened this case to use it to increase political and non-legal pressure on Iran. Despite Iran's renewed flexibility, by holding the agency hostage and diverting it from its main responsibility, which is to help the development of Iran's nuclear knowledge, as well as monitoring behaviors based on safeguards, the West is seeking political work, non-implementation of JCPOA obligations, and blackmailing Iran, and people like Grossi also violating the agency's independence and technical nature have pushed this international institution into the abyss of political behavior. If Mr. Grossi is really looking to get the agency out of captivity, the right address is the hostage takers, the European E3 and the United States, who, regardless of JCPOA obligations and Iran's extensive cooperation with the agency, continue to engage in the same unprincipled behavior and misuse of the agency for Anti-Iranian exaggerations are used.

The final point is that while Grossi accuses and expresses dissatisfaction with the reduction of Iran's cooperation with the Agency, the institution under his management has not responded effectively to the Zionist regime, which officially threatened the Palestinians with a nuclear attack in the recent Gaza war, as well as the actions of the United States and England that By sending equipment and ammunition impregnated with depleted uranium, it has practically violated international law, it has not done so.

In addition, the United States, England and France, due to the neglect of the agency towards the implementation of its legal duties, have recently announced the modernization of their nuclear weapons worth several hundred billion dollars, the dimensions of which are completely unclear.

Another long list of nuclear actions and deviations of different countries also includes the AUKUS agreement centered on the construction of a nuclear submarine by the United States and England for Australia, the dangerous traffic of worn-out British nuclear submarines in international waterways, Japan's intention to release nuclear waste from Fukushima into the sea, and cases of There is also the fact that the reaction of the director general of the International Nuclear Energy Agency to these developments was only silence. Unfortunately, the thought-provoking and irresponsible behavior of the agency and its director general, which was mentioned in some parts of it, not only questioned the legal personality of this regulatory body, but also the countries' trust in the neutrality of the agency, which is considered the most important indicator of gaining the trust of countries for mutual cooperation has been damaged.

BY: Pooya Mirzaei

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