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Publish Date : 1/15/2024 3:54:16 PM
A new game with old cards


A new game with old cards

An hour after the return of US Secretary of State Antony Blinken from his fourth trip to the occupied territories, the US and the UK attacked Yemen, and in this way, the souvenirs of the last Middle East tour of the senior official of the US diplomatic service during the expansion of the war in West Asia were presented.

NOURNEWS- The purpose of the last visit of US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken to the Middle East and the occupied territories was to help reduce tensions in West Asia, but an hour after his return to Washington, the United States and Britain attacked Yemen at night and removed the geography of tension from the territories of the Zionist regime, and expanded the tension from the Gaza Strip and the southern borders of Lebanon to the Red Sea and Yemen.

The US Secretary of State, who is apparently trying to push Tel Aviv towards the formation of an independent state called Palestine, left the Middle East with the claim that "providing a path to create a Palestinian state is the best way to establish stability in the region and isolate Iran and its forces."

Shortly after these statements, the Office of Foreign Assets Control of the US Treasury Department sanctioned two companies in Hong Kong and the United Arab Emirates, accusing them of facilitating the financial transactions of Iran and Yemen's Ansarullah on behalf of a person named Saeed Al-Jamal to create a meaningful connection between operations of Yemen in the Red Sea and Iran.

"Matthew Miller", the spokesman of the US State Department, also claimed: "Iran's financial support to the Houthis (Yemen's Ansarullah) has fueled their repeated attacks against global trade in the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden." Words that were not accompanied by any document nor facts.

The spokesman of NATO, ignoring the roots of the crisis in the region, claimed that Iran has a "special responsibility" to stop the attacks of the Yemeni army on the ships related to the Zionist regime, to induce with this claim that Ansarullah is listening to the order issued by Tehran.

"David Cameron", the British foreign minister, acting in the American scenario, claimed in an interview with NBC about the attack on Yemen: "Our attack was proportionate, legal and completely correct, and this action sends a very clear message to the Houthis as well as to Iran."

British Defense Minister Grant Shapps also claimed that "Tehran should curb the movements of its proxy groups." In this context, the BBC said in a report: "If there is only one thing that the Houthis have achieved in the last nine years of war in Yemen, it is to strengthen the relations of this group with Iran, and with the support of Iran, this group seems to be more equipped and capable than what someone wants to admit." The final image of the puzzle that America and the West are trying to complete is the faded map that America has displayed many times to bring the far and near allies of this country closer to each other and in the path of their goals.

In this situation and with this background, "John Kirby", the coordinator of strategic communications of the White House, stated that despite the recent US and British attacks on Yemen, Washington is not looking for a conflict with Iran. Joe Biden also answered whether America is in a proxy war with Iran. He replied: "No, I have already delivered the message to Iran. They know they shouldn't do anything. Iran does not want war with us." So what's the story?

To show Iran to leave the Zionist regime from the swamp

The fact is that the brutal one-hundred-day attack of the Israeli regime on Gaza, which resulted in the martyrdom of more than 23 thousand children, women, and civilians, apart from inciting and disgusting the world public opinion and seriously threatening the security and economic agreements of Tel Aviv with a few Arab countries in the region, the framework of "normalization" did not gain anything, and the Zionist regime did not even come close to the goals it mentioned at the beginning of the attack!

The United States rushed to the aid of the Israeli regime the day after the Al-Aqsa storm operation, took the initiative from the bewildered and nervous war cabinet of the Zionist regime, and led the killing machine itself, after one hundred days it entered another phase and seeks to restore shaky relations of the Zionist regime with America's regional allies.

The rhetoric of the head of the American diplomatic system against Iran is at a time when, according to observers, the Israeli regime is in one of the unprecedented straits in its 75-year fake history; Just as the attack or lack of attack on Gaza after the Al-Aqsa storm was a two-sided losing game for the Zionist regime, now any endpoint on these bloody and fruitless attacks has no meaning but a loss for Tel Aviv. On the one hand, the Gaza war has shown the real essence of the Zionist regime in the killing of more than 11 thousand children, 7 thousand women, and 6 thousand civilian men, and on the other hand, it showed that the "normalization" of relations with the Arab countries of the region is a mirage that is further away than ever before. The approach that stood out in Saudi Arabia's condition to restore relations with the Israeli regime, is the formation of an independent Palestinian state.

All of this is in the context that the "Al-Aqsa Storm" operation revealed the absurdity of the fake intelligence and military hegemony of the Zionist regime, and now, after one hundred days, this regime could not achieve its alleged goal of "destroying Hamas", not even outside the temporary ceasefire agreement it found and freed one of the Israeli captives and did not provide a convincing answer to the public opinion of the residents of the occupied territories who demonstrate every week against the government and the war cabinet of the Zionist regime.

The exchange of fire on the borders of the occupied territories and southern Lebanon, the rocket attacks on the economic ports of the Israeli regime from Yemen, and the restriction of the traffic of ships carrying goods including food to the occupied territories, the reverse migration of the settlers, the decrease in investment and the collapse of the stock market are only part of the war that Tel Aviv entered and has created a self-made quagmire, and based on this, Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of the Zionist regime, has postponed any response to his citizens until the day after the war, the arrival of which is the day of escape for the extreme cabinet of the Israeli regime.

It is in such a situation that America and Britain are trying to change the place of executioner and martyr by deviating the world public opinion from the Zionist regime towards "Iran". Because there has been no change in Iran's regional equations and functions in the scene of action; Firstly, Iran insists on responding to any threat to its interests and security. Secondly, Iran has always admitted that, in addition to supporting the resistance, it does not order them to do anything, nor does it prevent them from doing anything.  As the Axis of resistance has clearly stated many times, they act based on their national interests and recognition; As the Palestinian resistance started the "Al-Aqsa storm", "Lebanon's Hezbollah" responded to Zionist aggression, Iraqi and Syrian resistance targets American bases, and Yemenis stop the movement of Zionist ships in the Red Sea.

Based on this, the resistance front acts based on their national and country interests, along with a unified approach that is derived from the demands of the regional nations to confront America and the Zionist regime. The tips of the hands correctly show the center of the crisis in West Asia, the occupied territories, and the Zionist regime, and no matter how much America and England move the compasses up and down, the reality does not change.

BY: Pooya Mirzaei

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