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Publish Date : 1/16/2024 8:35:56 AM
Two dead and few dozens of uncertainties


Two dead and few dozens of uncertainties

A few days ago, American military officials announced the disappearance of two US Marines off the coast of Somalia and did not mention the details of this incident.

NOURNEWS- This incident, which coincided with the attack of the American coalition on Yemen, caused a lot of confusion about the real location and the exact cause of the death of two American soldiers.

Now, the Washington Post, citing two American officials, announced that the two missing Marines, who had previously disappeared near the coast of Somalia, had drowned while inspecting a ship.

The publication of this news, which was done without mentioning the names, ranks, and responsibilities of these two soldiers, has increased the speculations about the possibility of American military authorities concealing this incident.

Many users of the virtual space under the post published by the Washington Post have doubted the authenticity of the announced news and asked; How did two American marines inspect a ship alone and was there not another group with these two people? In addition, the American authorities have been asked how exactly these two marines drowned and whether their bodies have been discovered or not. The American authorities have repeatedly tried to conceal and publish unreal information about the number and cause of the deaths of the soldiers of this country's army, especially those who participate in foreign missions, and therefore the public opinion in the United States does not trust the news published in this regard.

One of the most obvious cases of the American army's concealment regarding the number and cause of death of its soldiers was related to Iran's missile attack on the American base in Ain al-Assad after the assassination of General Hajj Qassem Soleimani, which had many margins.

BY: Pooya Mirzaei

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