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Publish Date : 1/13/2024 9:28:48 AM
Europe's upsidedown interpretation of deterrence!


Europe's upsidedown interpretation of deterrence!

Borrell is deliberately presenting an inverted definition of the term "deterrence" and is trying to imply that the creation of effective deterrence in the region will only depend on the passiveness of the resistance movements and, on the other hand, the enhancement of the maneuvering power of the occupying Israeli regime in the bombing of Gaza.

NOURNEWS- In his recent visit to Lebanon and the meeting with Prime Minister Najib Mikati, the head of the European Union's foreign policy claimed that no one will win in a regional war in West Asia, and the expansion of the scope of the battle in this sensitive geographical and strategic area should be avoided.

Borrell spoke these words while during the first weeks of the Gaza war, the European Union, along with the United States, became the main driver and in some cases the leader of the Zionist regime in the genocide of the Palestinians.

If the evidence shows; Borrell is very well aware of the details of the military-security cooperation between Berlin, Paris, Rome and of course London with the Zionists during the Gaza war.

This is despite the fact that Borrell did not mention in his words the Zionists' use of the German "Rammstein" base in the Gaza war or the French intelligence agency's prior knowledge of the assassination of "Saleh al-Arouri" in the southern suburbs of Beirut.

Of course, Borrell is right in doing so. declaring any of these cases would be tantamount to proving the lies of the European Union and other officials in charge of the foreign policy regarding the developments in Gaza.

with these explanation; It seems that Borrell is deliberately presenting an inverted definition of the term "deterrence" and he is trying to inculcate the point that effective deterrence in the region depends only on the inaction of the resistance movements and on the other hand, the enhancement of the maneuvering power of the occupying Israeli regime in the bombing of Gaza.

On the other hand; Borrell also made a big mistake in choosing his audience, because his audience should definitely not be the Prime Minister of Lebanon or members of the Hezbollah faction in the parliament of this country, but these warnings should be addressed to people like "Olaf Scholz", "Emmanuel Macron" and "Ursula von der Leyen".

Real deterrence will be achieved when the European Union stops its artificial respiration to Tel Aviv and the historical rights of the Palestinians in their ancestral land are respected.

Beyond that, the European Union, as one of the main accusers of the genocide in Gaza and the continuation of the recent war, basically does not have the authority to provide a solution to this "crisis".

So far, it has been stated many times that the European Union is neither a "mediator" nor a "judge" in the Gaza war, but without a doubt this bloc is one of the "accused" and the most rational possible action on their part is to avoid escalating the costs of a joint failure with Tel Aviv and Washington through Tune in to current regional and extra-regional realities.

The joint action of the United States and the United Kingdom against Yemen, which was carried out with the direct support of Germany, France and the European Union, should also be evaluated in the same framework of there have been calculation errors.

Therefore, in the first place, the EU foreign policy official must understand the concept of "deterrence" and in the second step, he must choose his audience more carefully.

The final step is an operational measure aimed at curbing the Zionist occupation and forcing Tel Aviv to withdraw from Gaza.

If Europe does not take this path now with its own will, it will be forced to accept it with very high and irreparable costs.

BY: Mohammad Ghaderi

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