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Publish Date : 1/3/2024 3:34:40 PM
The controversial decree of Netanyahu's government has been cancelled by the Zionist regime's Supreme Court


The controversial decree of Netanyahu's government has been cancelled by the Zionist regime's Supreme Court

One of the main components of the controversial decree of Netanyahu's cabinet under the title of judicial reforms was to limit the powers of the judiciary in the Reasonable Cause Law with the aim of increasing the powers and immunity of the government against the law.

NOURNEWS- The Supreme Court of the Zionist regime, with 8 votes, invalidated the controversial decree of the Netanyahu government entitled Judicial Reforms. This resolution, which was proposed by Netanyahu, cancels the Reasonable Cause Law, which allowed the Israeli judicial system to review and, if necessary, cancel an executive decision of the government or authorities if it was arbitrary or unreasonable.

The resolution proposed by Netanyahu, which limited the powers of the judiciary in favor of the government, caused widespread and continuous protests throughout the occupied territories for months. Since the 7th of October and with the beginning of the new round of conflicts between the Zionist regime and Hamas, the nationwide protests subsided to some extent.

Due to the wide range of protests against this resolution, there were serious concerns in the ruling body of the regime about the creation of serious instability in the army due to the formation of a legal crisis between the judiciary and the legislature.

After the surprise of the Zionist regime's army during the Al-Aqsa storm operation and Netanyahu's continuous failures during the battle against the resistance groups over the past three months, criticisms against the Israeli prime minister with the argument that he destroyed the political, military and social cohesion of the regime due to his personal interests have raised to unprecedented levels.

Monday's decision of the Supreme Court of the Zionist regime can once again escalate internal tensions in the middle of the Zionist regime's war with the Palestinian resistance groups. At the same time as social protests against Netanyahu's judicial reforms, the President of the United States of America, Joe Biden, asked the Israeli prime minister to suspend his proposed reforms and try to gain a wider consensus in this field.

Some informed sources in the occupied territories believe; The annulment of the controversial decision of the government by the Supreme Court in a situation where Benjamin Netanyahu, the prime minister of the Zionist regime, is highly hated inside and outside of Israel due to his absolute failure in the Gaza war and the brutal killing of thousands of Palestinian women and children in the last three months, is another strong reason which show the imminent decline of Netanyahu.

BY: Mohammad Ghaderi

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