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Publish Date : 1/2/2024 12:08:08 PM
Behind the scenes of the Zionist regime's withdrawal from Gaza


Behind the scenes of the Zionist regime's withdrawal from Gaza

The occupying regime of Israel started the new year by ordering the withdrawal of part of its military forces from Gaza, and the spokesman of the Zionist army, emphasizing that the war will continue in 2024, called this withdrawal in line with the renewal of forces and new organization of Israeli army.

NOURNEWS- 86 days have passed since the start of the Zionist regime's new attack on Gaza, and now, the spokesman of the Israeli army announced that it will withdraw part of its forces, especially the reserve forces, from the Gaza Strip and plans to withdraw more forces depending on the intensity of the battle.

Speaking on the eve of 2024, “Daniel Hagari” added: “Tonight, 2024 begins and our goals require a long war, and we are preparing ourselves accordingly. We have a smart plan to manage our deployments, taking into account reserves, the economy, families, and resupply, as well as the continuation of combat and training.”

Confirming the news that “five battalions have been discharged”, explaining the reason for this withdrawal, he said: “After the army's ground operation, Hamas' ability to launch rockets into Israeli cities has significantly decreased. Therefore, the reserve forces must return to their normal jobs to turn the wheels of the Israeli economy.”

At the same time, he emphasized: “The operation of the Israeli army to destroy Hamas will continue throughout 2024.”

The “Times of Israel” newspaper echoed Hagari's words and emphasized: “These forces are supposed to help revive the economy of the Zionist regime.”

The Hebrew-language news site “Walla” also stated that according to the developments of the war in the Gaza Strip, more army forces are going to withdraw from this strip in the coming weeks.

This setback can be examined from several perspectives:

First; At the same time, the Zionist regime claims that this retreat was due to the reduction of resistance missile attacks and the realization of the goals of this regime, not only the Zionists' goals of “destroying Hamas” and “dominating Gaza” have not been achieved after three months, but contrary to the claims, the missile attacks of resistance and Palestinian drone operations continue; As the Qassam Brigades, the military branch of Hamas, attacked Tel Aviv with dozens of missiles in the first minutes of the New Year (2024), and as the Al-Qassam Brigades announced, they captured a spy drone of the Zionist regime in the city of Beit Lahiya.

Before this, the Israeli army withdrew the Golani Brigade, its most elite force, from the Gaza Strip due to the heavy casualties and severe blows it had received from the resistance.

Second; The Zionists have claimed that one of the reasons for this retreat is the use of people in the economic sector. Although clear evidence indicates that the main reason for this return is the failure to achieve the alleged goals after three months of killing and crossing all the red lines of war, at the same time, the fragile economy of the Zionist regime cannot be neglected.

Reverse migration, a significant decrease in investment, the fall of the stock market, etc., each one is a piece of the jumbled puzzle of the Zionist regime's economy. This is despite the fact that the alleged foundation of the Zionist regime was the three principles of security, economy, and democracy, which, as an incentive, calls the residents of other countries to the occupied territories.

Now, on the one hand, the dictatorship, and autocracy of Zionist political leaders such as Netanyahu questioned this claim, and on the other hand, the Al-Aqsa storm was the final line on the security claims of this regime, whose immediate impact on the economic structure of the occupiers is undeniable, and this regime can no longer use the financial goal and comfortable life as an attraction to pursue others to migrate to the occupied lands.

According to these conditions, it can be said that the withdrawal of the Zionist regime's ground operations forces from the Gaza Strip is not an act of power, but a result of a heavy defeat against the Gaza resistance.

BY: Pooya Mirzaei

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