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Publish Date : 1/2/2024 5:19:45 AM
The dignity of Palestinian Muslims is the same as us Christians

Palestinian Father monk Antonios Hanania to Nournews;

The dignity of Palestinian Muslims is the same as us Christians

Father monk Antonios Hanania: As long as I have soul and alive in this mortal body, I will defend the Muslims in my country and the whole world.

NOURNEWS- In an exclusive interview with Nournews, Palestinian Father monk Antonios Hanania, stressing that there is no difference between the dignity of Palestinian Muslims and the Christians and considering that resistance against the occupiers is an issue that concerns everyone, not only Muslims, emphasized on resistance against The Zionists.

Question: During the terrorist war in Syria, Iraq and Lebanon, we saw calls from some clerics of the Islamic world for Jihad against Muslims in these countries. Where are these requests now compared to what is happening in the occupied territories?

Answer: Takfiri terrorist led us to disasters and sectarian religious wars without insight and real vision of the situation. The Middle East society is pluralistic, and for this reason, if there is no international call to save Palestine for free people, Palestine, especially Gaza, will continue to suffer.

Question: What are the reactions to the attempts of the Zionist regime to separate the north and south of Gaza and transfer the residents from the north to the south, and what are the consequences on the scene?

Answer: Gaza is a part of Palestine and the displacement of its people is a new tragedy. What happened in Gaza needs to be investigated and evaluated in the next steps. I am optimistic despite all the losses that have occurred, and our optimism is nothing but hope to continue the fight.

Question: How do you think field battles will be resolved? Will the ground invasion have an effect on the capabilities of the resistance?

Answer: The resistance is not limited to Gaza. It is everywhere and this is not the first time that our people are exposed to massacre and occupation, we emphasize that the enemy's efforts will not have any results and the resistance in Gaza has proven this in the field.

Question: You took an honorable position in front of television cameras regarding the call to prayer in case of destruction of mosques in Palestinian cities by the Zionists. How do you evaluate the coexistence of religions in Palestine and the position of Christians and other religions regarding what is happening in Palestine?

Answer: The dignity of Palestinian Muslims is the dignity of us Christians. We do not have sectarian hatred in Palestine and our issue is a national issue shared by Muslims, Christians, noble Jews, Samaritans and all the people of the free land. As long as I have soul and alive in this mortal body, I will defend the Muslims in my country and the whole world.


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