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Publish Date : 1/1/2024 12:13:52 PM
America and Europe's attempt for creating false achievements for 2023


America and Europe's attempt for creating false achievements for 2023

The first week of January is a good opportunity to review the one-year performance of America, European governments and other countries that use the Gregorian calendar. A cursory review of global developments in the past year indicates that 2023 was overshadowed by the two wars in Ukraine and Gaza for America and Europe more than they thought. So much so that the officials of these countries had to turn to making achievements in the field of foreign policy instead of presenting achievements in the last days of the year.

NOURNEWS- The last days of 2023 passed with the thought-provoking behavior of America and the European E3 (England, Germany and France) with the focus of action against the Islamic Republic of Iran. The United States, England, France and Germany released a statement in response to the recent report of the International Atomic Energy Agency about Iran's nuclear program, which stated that Iran has increased its production of uranium with a purity of 60%.

These countries, by condemning what they called "the continuous escalation of Iran's nuclear program", repeated their old and illusory claim about "Iran's effort to obtain nuclear weapons".

The International Atomic Energy Agency claimed in its latest confidential report to the member states of the Governing Council that Iran has increased its production of enriched uranium with a purity of 60% in the form of hexafluoride to about 9 kilograms per month since the end of November. Meanwhile, "Mohammad Eslami", the head of Iran's Atomic Energy Organization, said in response to recent concerns that Iran used to produce the same 60% purity; We did not change anything or create a new capacity.

"Mikhail Ivanovich Ulyanov", the representative of the Russian Federation in international organizations based in Vienna, emphasized about the anti-Iranian claims of the West: "The statements of the representatives of the European E3 that Iran does not adhere to the JCPOA are completely hypocritical, because the document agreed in 2022 had clearly confirmed Tehran's adherence to the nuclear issue."

At the same time as these developments, the US Treasury Department sanctioned one person and three money exchange centers with the claim of facilitating the flow of Iranian financial aid to Yemen's Ansarullah. Earlier, Britain had raised sanctions against Iran with claims about the war in Yemen. The United States and the United Kingdom also made claims about the drones that targeted Israeli fleets in the Red Sea or those carrying the goods of the Zionist regime and attributed them to Iran. The total approach of the West, especially England and America, in the last days of 2023 is remarkable and reflective from several perspectives;

Firstly, many European countries, including Germany, England, and France, as well as the United States and Joe Biden personally, in the domestic arena, despite many economic and social promises, have not been able to have a successful record, and the drop in popular support indicates the decline of their political position; Especially in countries such as England and America, which are on the verge of elections. In 2023, the Westerners tried hard to turn the Ukraine war into a launching pad and shield for their domestic failures; However, their calculations with tens of billions of dollars cost did not come true and on the eve of the new year, a heavy failure was recorded in Ukraine's record.

Secondly, The European E3 and the United States have not been able to implement their initial claim of overthrowing Hamas and occupying Gaza, despite the extensive military, media and intelligence support of the Zionist regime. On the one hand, these countries have lost their morality in front of the world's public opinion, and on the other hand, they have also failed to fulfill their obligations to the Zionist regime. The existing process can have destructive effects on the political life of people such as German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, French President Emmanuel Macron, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, and American President Joe Biden. According to this situation, the increasing development of keywords such as "concern about the increase in civilian casualties", declaring dissatisfaction with "Tel Aviv's blind attacks on Gaza", "trying to increase the sending of humanitarian aid" in the words of these people, can be evaluated in the context of trying to decrease anger of the public opinion due to the West's complicity with the crimes of the Zionist regime.

Third, The Americans and the British tried to create a global coalition against Yemen by creating a psychological atmosphere with the keyword "threat to maritime trade" in the Red Sea, in order to demonstrate Joe Biden's coalition-building power and fulfill their commitment to the Zionists. . According to Reuters, Joe Biden hoped to launch a new naval force to provide a decisive international response to Yemen's attacks on Israeli ships in the Red Sea, but many US allies are reluctant to be publicly associated with it. The Pentagon claimed the presence of 20 countries in this alleged coalition, but almost half of these 20 countries have not stepped forward to confirm their participation in the said coalition and have not allowed the United States to do so either.

The total developments in the international arena in 2023 show the fact that America and the West, due to the severe bottlenecks they have faced in various political, economic and security dimensions, will inevitably in the last days of 2023, instead of presenting achievements, achieve By focusing on the field of foreign policy, which cannot be directly examined by the citizens, they have turned.

BY: Mohammad Ghaderi

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