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Publish Date : 12/31/2023 3:44:39 PM
Occupied lands are no longer a place to live


Occupied lands are no longer a place to live

Three months after the start of the "Al-Aqsa Storm" operation, the Central Bureau of Statistics of the Zionist regime reported that following the surprise attack by Hamas on October 7, the migration rate to the occupied territories has decreased drastically. In October 2023, only, 1163 people migrated to the occupied territories. While this figure was 2364 people in September 2023. The number of immigrants in November of this year (November 10-December 10) slightly increased compared to October and reached 1534 people, but it was still much less than the months before the war.

NOURNEWS- In the calendar of the Israeli regime, October has always been the month of increasing immigration to the occupied territories; For example, in October last year, 6091 people migrated to the occupied territories. This number was 4368 people in September. According to the report of the Central Bureau of Statistics of the Zionist regime, in January, the largest number of immigrants entered Israel, which is equal to 7664 people.

The decrease in immigration to the occupied territories, along with the statistics of the migration of tens of thousands of residents of the occupied territories to other countries, on the one hand, represents a fundamental crisis for this regime, and on the other hand, a significant achievement for the Palestinians.

In this regard, the ERI research institute in Tel Aviv published a study and wrote that the trust of Jewish youth in the Zionist regime and its institutions has decreased drastically. According to the report of this institute, while 66% of young people aged 18 to 44 said in 2022, "They would not leave Israel even if they had the opportunity", this rate reached 46% in 2023 and 54% of these young people They have said that they would like to test the possibility of migration practically.

The Immigration Office of Portugal announced this summer that since the beginning of this year, Zionists have won the first place among other nationalities to apply for citizenship of this country. The French embassy in Tel Aviv also said there was a similar increase in the number of applications for French citizenship. Also, the EU office in Tel Aviv admitted that the number of people who want to receive European citizenship has increased.

It is noteworthy that the Zionist newspaper "Maariv" reported that more than 756,000 Jews will have left occupied Palestine by 2020 due to worsening economic conditions, a sense of inequality, despair over the halting of the peace process, and concern over the intensification of Palestinian resistance operations. They have moved.

Published statistics show that 72% of those who immigrated to the occupied territories from former Soviet Union countries in 2020 based on the Law of Return were not Jews. Also, among the 180,000 Jews who immigrated to the occupied territories since 2012, only 25,375, which is about 14% of the total number of immigrants, were Jews. The statistics that showed the number of real Jews who immigrated to the occupied lands based on the law of return to the occupied lands have continuously decreased; So that it has declined from 93% in 1990 to 28% in 2020.

Numerous social, economic, political and security motives have led the residents of the occupied lands to conclude that the occupied Palestine, which was supposed to be a safe place for the Jews, is no longer a suitable place to live. The development of insecurities due to the continuous conflict between the Palestinians and the Zionist regime, the high cost of living, as well as the rise of the Zionist extremist movement and the subsequent tyranny of Benjamin Netanyahu for judicial reforms and corruption of the statesmen have become important factors for the migration of residents of the occupied territories to other countries.

BY: Mohammad Ghaderi


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