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Publish Date : 12/27/2023 1:44:57 AM
America and Britain's theatrical and rather deceptive game with Yalda celebration


America and Britain's theatrical and rather deceptive game with Yalda celebration

This year was not the first year that the occasion of "Yalda" was added to the culture or the calendar of Iranians, accordingly, a big question was arisen when a part of the team of the US and British Foreign Ministry, as an example of the proverb "more Catholic than the Pope", celebrated this year's Yalda with Iranians.

NOURNEWS- In a video, Abram Paley, the deputy special representative of the US for Iran, claimed that Yalda is a time for joy and celebration. He continued: "Unfortunately, the people of Iran are still facing indescribable hardships and sufferings from the regime. From the execution of protesters, the imprisonment of opponents and human rights activists, to the intimidation of journalists, etc., the Iranian regime will not hesitate to take any action to silence the Iranian people." He continued to address the people of Iran and promised that America "will continue to support you and your dreams in creating a free and democratic future for Iran."

In this video, "Matthew Miller", the spokesperson of the US Ministry of Foreign Affairs, "Tracey Jacobson", the former ambassador of the US to Tajikistan and Turkmenistan, and "Vedant Patel", the Principal Deputy Spokesperson for the US Department of State, and Abram Paley, claim to be with the Iranian people, and "They wished Iranians bright days".

The British ambassador in Tehran also published a video on his Instagram where he dances to the famous song "Sadegh Boghi" in front of a table with watermelons, pomegranates, nuts, fruits, Christmas decorations and the Divan of Hafez. In this video, "Simon Shercliff" sings a song in Persian language and says: "Happy Yalda" at the end.

The show of official representatives of American and British statesmen next to Yalda-oriented table was just one plan of a scenario that has been created and discussed in the media attributed to these two countries since a week or two weeks ago.

Creating fake polar opposite narrations such as "Ancient Yalda" and "Religious Yalda", asking Iranian citizens to send images and videos of the impact of economic issues on the usual purchases of this occasion, republishing images of last year's unrest and so on are all part of the puzzle of the United States and the United Kingdom to draw an image to induce the idea that Iranian people are deprived of the most minimal happiness.

The only relatively real picture of this puzzle was some of the economic and livelihood inadequacies of the people, which, although it was highlighted and magnified, left the question of how far the economic problems of our country are rooted in the cruel sanctions that America as at the head of the collective west and Britain as another western country and one of sworn allies oh the US has imposed on Iran?

Sanctions that, contrary to the claims of its architects and implementers, have targeted the most basic needs of the people of the country, such as medicine, which is only a small wound that is sitting on the faces and bodies of the patients and is getting deeper every day. The sanctions that were reimposed due to the unilateral withdrawal of the United States from the JCPOA, were completely illegal and unilaterally stronger than before, in order to crush the bones of Iran's economy and direct the country's direction in the direction desired by the United States and its allies.

Although the attempt and conspiracy has been thwarted by the people's resistance, the "economic war" like the eight-year "imposed war" had facts and consequences. With this introduction, the dancing and stomping of the American and British diplomatic apparatus, instead of a comic or even ridiculous show, is more similar to abject theaters or black games whose main purpose is to make fun of people!

BY: Mohammad Ghaderi

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