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Publish Date : 12/27/2023 1:45:50 AM
Tel Aviv's gamble and Washington's diminishing chances


Tel Aviv's gamble and Washington's diminishing chances

The "ceasefire" in Gaza has now become a serious and global demand; The option that the Israeli regime is also looking for; Of course, with the "temporary" clause in it as of "temporary ceasefire"! The prolongation of the war without any achievements, the pressure of the Israeli prisoners' families on "Benjamin Netanyahu" and his cabinet, the anger of the world public opinion in response to the crimes of Tel Aviv, and the crossing of all the red lines of the war by this regime have put the Zionist regime in an unprecedented deadlock.

NOURNEWS- Resolution 2720 of the UN Security Council regarding the Gaza war, which was approved with 13 votes in favor and abstentions from the United States and Russia, although due to the limited openings it creates in the aid system for the defenseless people of Gaza, it is considered a small step in the direction of reducing the current crisis. However, the United States, by removing the proposed clause of the “ceasefire” request in this resolution, is still on the path of discounting and downplaying the killings that the Zionist regime has carried out in the Gaza Strip.

Meanwhile, the approval of this resolution, along with the developments that are taking place in the diplomatic process of “ceasefire” negotiations with the mediation of the US and Qatar, sheds light on another dimension of Tel Aviv's hidden policy to provide the necessary grounds to realize its field goals on the battlefield.

It was last Tuesday that Israeli President Isaac Herzog announced with a new position plan that Tel Aviv is ready for a second “ceasefire” in Gaza and the transfer of more humanitarian aid to Gaza to allow the release of prisoners. Although this position was not surprising considering the process of developments in the field, it was thought-provoking in terms of the level of political and strategic conflict.

The proposal of the idea of ​​a second “ceasefire” in the Gaza war, which is the result of the talks between “William Burns”, the head of the US intelligence agency, and “Mohammed bin Abdulrahman bin Jassim Al Thani”, the Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Qatar, this time not in “Doha” but in “Warsaw”, the capital of Poland has been chosen as the place for negotiations to reach a new agreement and tries to provide the ground for an immediate stop to the war before the New Year by adding political pressure to the leaders of the Israeli regime; The plan, whose translation for Tel Aviv is simply summarized in the “prisoner exchange” case, and if the desired names are not included in the announcement list, it will close the way for any political dialogue between the mediators.

Although the evidence suggests changes in Washington's behavior towards the war to reduce the scope of the crisis and set a perspective for the “end” of the said war, but in the Israeli camp, a different game is going on. The move of the leaders of Tel Aviv on the orbit of all win or all lose, which has shown its result in a full-scale political gamble.

The words of a member of the security cabinet of the Israeli regime, in defining the main goals of this regime, which are “the return of prisoners” and “the destruction of Hamas”, when he talks about the “ceasefire” negotiations, show the difficulty of the diplomatic process between Hamas and the Zionist regime. It makes it clear and reveals that any change in the field situation also has obstacles of the same magnitude.

These phrases depict the sides of Israel's borderless actions in killing the people of Gaza, when the “ceasefire” negotiations led by the United States and Qatar began in a European capital a few days ago, and Ismail Haniyeh, the head of Hamas's political office, at the request of Egypt, went to this country and spoke about the desired conditions of the resistance, i.e., “first a permanent ceasefire and second the exchange of prisoners”, but Tel Aviv put forward the precondition of “first the exchange of prisoners and then the dialogue about the ceasefire” to release its prisoners through the channel of these talks in exchange for a short break in the relentless military attacks, build a shield against global criticism and at the same time proceed with the reconstruction of the forces until the full realization of his demands in the field.

The answer to how Israeli leaders talk about “prisoner exchange” before accepting a “ceasefire” even if it is temporary, and influenced by the new developments in the diplomatic scene, i.e., the resolution approved by the Security Council, which did not mention “ceasing the war”, have kept the “Warsaw” talks at a standstill, is not very complicated.

The solution of the politicians leading the Joe Biden government to keep Israel satisfied in the current situation is to help carry out a “prisoner exchange” to reduce Benjamin Netanyahu's domestic expenses and allow him to have something to say to the Israeli people about his costly war.

The close association of the United States with Tel Aviv up to the current stage of the war is at a time when the President of the United States, the secretary of defense, and the Secretary of State of this country have reminded Israel to think of solutions as soon as possible to determine the prospects of the war; This means that the consequences of Washington's full-scale participation in Israel's widespread crimes on the status of “Biden”, who plans to remain president for the next four years, does not allow his long-term association with “Netanyahu”, so in a situation where the Palestinian resistance has any Making the negotiation for the “prisoner exchange” conditional on the announcement of an “immediate ceasefire” in Gaza, and at the same time emphasizing that it will present its desired list of prisoners, not the names considered by Tel Aviv, it seems that the Zionist regime is in a deadlock which has not any much chance to get out of it with any result.


BY: Mohammad Ghaderi

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