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Publish Date : 12/22/2023 4:43:50 PM
The Times exposes Israel's calculated plan for genocide in Gaza


The Times exposes Israel's calculated plan for genocide in Gaza

While earlier whistleblower reports indicated that Israel was using an artificial intelligence program to increase the number of civilian killings, now the Times' investigation has proven that Israel deliberately targeted and bombarded the exact same areas it ordered the citizens and civilians of Gaza to evacuate to.

NOURNEWS- The investigation of the Times and the available images, videos, and documents have revealed that Israel has deliberately bombarded the same areas that it has ordered the citizens and civilians of Gaza to evacuate to.

The report states that while Tel Aviv ordered the citizens of Gaza to move to the south of Gaza, the Zionist regime deliberately targeted most of the exits and transportation routes needed by the citizens to evacuate the northern regions of Gaza.

Previously, whistleblower reports published in 2 Israeli publications 972 and Local Call revealed how the Zionist regime uses an artificial intelligence program called “Bible” to identify human targets and increase the killing of civilians.

A program that, according to the former head of the Israeli army, has led to the identification of targets from 50 cases a year in the past years to 100 cases a day in the recent war.

The collection of leaked information shows that the heavy civilian casualties and genocide in the Gaza war are not just an inevitable event caused by the conditions of the war, but are part of Israel's war plan.

Israel is well aware that the deadly airstrikes carried out have a minimal effect on the military wing of Hamas, and this is in complete contrast to the statements of this regime, which claims to seek the destruction of Hamas.

Experts evaluate Israel's program based on the Dahiya doctrine, which pursues three basic goals:

1- Destruction of residential areas and mass killings to force people (Palestinians) to focus on survival instead of resistance.

2- Encouraging the people to rise against their rulers in the long term.

3- Forced migration to neighboring countries, especially Egypt and Jordan.

The Zionist publication Israel Hayom also mentioned the plan of “ethnic cleansing” and “reduction of the population of Gaza” through killing and deportation as Netanyahu's “strategic” plan.

While Western politicians and media continue to emphasize their claim of “destroying Hamas” as Israel's only goal and try to close their eyes to the genocidal and ethnic cleansing policies of the Zionist regime, the evidence shows that Israel, in addition to implementing the land policy Burning, destroying and depopulating Gaza has a calculated plan for genocide and killing of Gaza's civilians.


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