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Publish Date : 12/22/2023 10:17:18 AM
Iran warns against effects of Israeli regime's provocations in region

Iran warns against effects of Israeli regime's provocations in region

Iran's Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the UN warned against any provocative actions of the Israeli regime that can seriously affect the peace and security of the region.

NOURNEWS- In the meeting of the Security Council regarding the situation in the Middle East and Syria, he said: Iran wants the Security Council to condemn the destabilizing activities of the Israeli regime and the severe violation of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria, which is a threat to peace and stability in the region.

The full text of Iravani's speech before the UN is as follows:

Statement by
H.E. Mr. Amir Saeid Iravani
Ambassador and Permanent Representative
of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the United Nations
Before the United Nations Security Council
on “The situation in the Middle East: (Syria)”
New York, 21 December 2023

Mr. President,

We thank Mr. Pederson, the Special Envoy, and Ms. Lisa Doughten, from OCHA, for their briefings.

Mr. President,

The humanitarian situation in Syria remains extremely challenging.

People are grappling with economic hardships, worsened by the US' imposition of unlawful sanctions.

Adding to this challenge is the difficult underfunding of the Humanitarian Response Plan, with only 32 percent of the needed funds secured.

This significant shortfall is seriously hindering the capacity of the UN. 

A commitment to impartial assistance is crucial to ensuring that humanitarian efforts serve the needs of the affected people without being influenced by political considerations.

Donors must refrain from using aid to exert political pressure on the Syrian government.

Mr. President,

On the political track, we support the resuming of meetings of the Constitutional Committee as an effective mechanism for advancing the political process.

We support the Special Envoy's efforts and his diplomatic engagement with the parties to facilitate the resumption of Committee meetings and to advance the political process.

The United Nations' role should remain supportive, ensuring that the entire process is guided by Syrian leadership and ownership.
Iran stands in favor of the return of Syrian refugees to their homeland.

The United Nations, especially the High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), plays a central role in this undertaking.

We appreciate and support the engagement and constructive dialogue between the Syrian officials and the UN in addressing this pressing issue.

Mr. President,

The security situation in areas controlled by illegal foreign forces and under occupation is a matter of serious concern. The primary source of insecurity is the unlawful presence and continued occupation of US military forces, creating an environment conducive to the growth of terrorist activities within Syria and the broader region.

At the same time, the Israeli regime persists in its acts of aggression against Syrian territory.

In parallel with the atrocities in the Gaza Strip, this regime engages in terrorism and aggression within Syrian borders, intentionally targeting civilians and critical infrastructure.

We strongly condemn the terrorist attack on its military advisors in Syria on 2 December, where two Iranian advisors were martyred during their mission to support the Syrian Army against terrorism. 

We reaffirm the inherent right of the Syrian Arab Republic under international law, to take all necessary measures in response to terrorist attacks and acts of aggression by the Israeli regime. 
We warn against any provocative actions by the Israeli regime that could seriously impact peace and security in the region.

Iran calls on the Security Council to condemn the destabilizing activities of the Israeli regime and its severe violation of Syrian sovereignty and territorial integrity, which pose a threat to peace and stability in the region. 

In conclusion, Mr. President, I must address the groundless allegation made against my country by the representative of the United States that was repeated by the UK, in this chamber, which is categorically rejected. 

Contrary to the unfounded claim, Iran has consistently demonstrated its commitment to promoting peace and security in the region.

The United States is fully responsible for its decades-long aggressions, along with other crimes and unlawful measures in our region.

Obstructing the Security Council from fulfilling its Charter-based duties to establish a ceasefire and to stop the Israeli war machine against the people of Gaza for more than two months demonstrates the US's real concerns about the spillover of the tension and peace and security in the region!

I thank you.


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