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Publish Date : 12/18/2023 9:03:55 AM
Why did the BBC spend its credit on supporting Jaish al-Zulm?


Why did the BBC spend its credit on supporting Jaish al-Zulm?

One day after the terrorist attack of "Jaish al-Zulm" on the police headquarters in Rask, "BBC" Persian surprised its audience by publishing a report whose content is reportage and a defense of the operation of this terrorist group against Iran's policemen.

NOURNEWS- The people of this province, both Shia and Sunni, participated in the funeral ceremony of “Soldiers of the Nation” in Zahedan. In addition to the message of condolence from the national and military officials and emphasizing the pursuit and punishment of terrorists, the Sunni scholars also expressed their condolences to the families and survivors of the martyrs of this incident while expressing their regret for the armed attack on the police headquarters of Rask city.

The martyrdom of “Mohammed Hasan Brahui”, one of the defenders of security targeted in this terrorist attack was a Sunni, he was the clearest evidence to refute the claims made by the supporters of “Jaish al-Zulm”; However, “BBC” chose to reveal its nature once again by trying to cover up the terrorist essence of this group!

BBC, the media controlled by the British court, this morning, in a report entitled “What is Jaish al-Adl and what does it want?”  introduced this group as an “armed Islamist group opposed to the government of Iran” and in the foreground of this article, this British media described the target of this group's attacks as “Iranian military and security forces” and thus, in its opinion, BBC tried to cover up the actions of “Jaish al-Zulm” which, in addition to attacking the border guards of the country and have repeatedly martyred ordinary people under various pretexts.

It is worth pondering that, based on the consistent policy of “BBC”, even in the report of a normal car accident near the security centers, law enforcement, and embassies of other countries, the issue of the possibility of the incident being a terrorist attack is raised in addition to the coverage of the said news, but today, the same media closed its eyes regarding an attack that was both “armed” and against an “administrative” center and led to the martyrdom of 11 policemen who were from the “people” of Iran.

In another part of its report, “BBC” went further and linked the formation of this terrorist group to the execution of Abdolmalek Rigi, the leader of the Jund al-Shaitan terrorist group, and said: “Jaish al-Adl group, consisting of Baloch Sunni militias, was created in 2009 and only a few months after the Islamic Republic of Iran arrested and executed the leader of the Jund al-Shaitan group, Abdolmalek Rigi, on the charge of acting against national security through armed activity.”

This is despite the fact that “Jaish al-Zulm” is the successor of “Jund al-Shaitan” led by Major General Abdolmalek Rigi, whose bombing of a mosque in Zahedan and the killing of 25 innocent praying women, children, and men was only one of his terrorist actions. The remaining members of the “Jund al-Shaitan” group, including Abdul Rauf Rigi, the brother of Abdul Rauf Rigi, changed the name of their group to “Jaish al-Zulm” after the execution of their leader.

In the continuation of its report, “BBC” pointed its finger at Sistan and Baluchistan and suggested that the insecurities of this province are the product of a sense of injustice and “security strictures” and did not answer the question of if the target of the terrorist group “Jaish al-Zulm” and its godfather “Jund al-Shaitan” and its adopted brother “Jaysh al-Nasr” were protesting the alleged situation of the people of Sistan and Baluchistan, why did they attack the people and the police force of this province, both Shia and Sunni, in Tasooki, Saravan, mosques and now Rask?!

This 2,000-word and detailed report summarizes the crimes of the terrorist group “Jaish al-Zulm” in a few general terms such as “armed operations” or “hostage-taking” and nowhere in this bloody reportage does it consider the attack as “terrorist” and, interestingly, the report emphasizes and states that even America considers “Jaish al-Zulm” a terrorist group.

In this report, the BBC tried to justify the crimes of this terrorist group by exaggerating lies such as “poverty”, “inequality”, “underdevelopment” and “execution of the Baluch people” and presented this group as the liberating and savior groups of the Baluch people. This is despite the fact that the members of this group have heavy records in the cases of smuggling, kidnapping, mischief, and drug transit, and they mainly receive large aid from some countries that oppose the Islamic Republic of Iran, including the Zionist regime.

Although “The BBC” did not call the cowardly attacks of this group against the people of Iran as “terrorists” before with an open refusal, however, few expected that this media would reveal its bias in supporting armed actions against the people of Iran to such an extent. However, “BBC” once again shot down its claims of neutrality and compassion for the Iranian people by publishing the said biased report.

The disgraceful history of Jaish al-Zulm is so grim that it leaves no room for any doubt about its handover to foreign intelligence services, but the shocking and hasty reporting of the BBC advertisement, which practically made this media a criminal group, is more than helping this terrorist group and is a confirmation of its unquestionable affiliation with the sworn enemies of the Iranian nation.

BY: Mohammad Ghaderi 


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