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Publish Date : 12/14/2023 11:00:41 AM
Biden's illegitimate adopted son and his troubles in US presidential election


Biden's illegitimate adopted son and his troubles in US presidential election

"When I said a few years ago that you don't have to be a Jew to be a Zionist, I received a lot of criticism, but I am a Zionist." These sentences were the last and clearest display of the full-length support of "Joe Biden", the President of the United States, of the Zionist regime and its crimes in Gaza, which was in the White House and among his Jewish guests yesterday. The question here is Tel Aviv and its troubles, what will be the fate of the American president?

NOURNEWS- October 7, 2023, was the beginning of a new era of bad luck for US President Joe Biden. Although he was not considered a full-fledged representative of the right-wing Jews before the surprise attack of Hamas against Israel, this incident messed up his future calculations in the Middle East and forced him to accept Israel as his adopted child amid the stormy events in Gaza and showcase its unprecedented support for Israel.

Before October 7, “Biden” was slowly reducing the presence of his country's military forces in the region, and with a glance at Nixon's “friendship policy” and the promises he made to his Arab allies with programs such as the “Abraham” accords, he tried to keep them in a state of waiting and focus on more important issues, i.e., not falling behind from his powerful Asian rival, China, but the sudden events in Gaza, which forced Israel into a full-scale war, upset all these calculations, and “Biden” had to Stop the policy of outsourcing work to its regional ally and stop the “exit” policy even in the short term to maintain the security of America.

This was the main reason that only hours after the “Al-Aqsa Storm” operation, all political, intelligence, and security institutions of the United States mobilized in defense of Tel Aviv and conducted the highest level of diplomatic consultations to prevent further damage to Israel.

The war room of political-security advisers of the White House was activated and directly connected to Tel Aviv in the shortest time. “Biden” traveled to the occupied territories for the first time during the Israeli-Palestinian war, and one day after returning from this trip, in a televised speech, he called the critical developments in the Middle East a turning point in history and asked the Americans to support Israel in the war with Hamas.

After only a few weeks since the start of the war, he realized that Israel, despite the approach it has taken in recent years in opposition to Iran and the military threats against it, in the field of action, it is not possible to prevent the crises that itself has caused. Therefore, with the beginning of the Gaza war, the American president involved himself in a policy that relied on heavy military intervention and at the same time trying to win a diplomatic battle outside the geography of the war. In Washington's design, Israel's “security” is considered a gate that “Biden” has no choice but to focus all his attention and capacity to protect it; Even if it costs him the unprecedented distrust of his allies.

Biden's direct request from Tehran

This unilateral approach and full participation in Israel's crimes, whose number of victims was increasing day by day, was not without cost for the elderly American president in the arena. Regardless of the bloody war that was going on in the Gaza Strip, the American bases in the region were targeted by multiple attacks from the resistance forces, so “Biden” had to send several direct messages to Tehran and ask Iran to prevent the expansion of the scope of the war. The close association with “Netanyahu” became more costly for the US government when “Biden” no longer received the support of his European partners. Arab countries were once again aroused by their justice-seeking tendencies and strong anti-Israeli feelings, which could make it more difficult for the plans drawn by the American government for the future of the Gaza war. However, it seems that although the White House is not very optimistic about the end of the Gaza war in favor of Israel, it has also given a clear green light to this regime to continue the war until the full realization of its goals; America has shown the latest support of this kind in parallel with the sending of new warships to the waters of the Persian Gulf in its recent negative vote to the “ceasefire” resolution.

Meanwhile, he has not been able to reach a meaningful understanding with Tel Aviv leaders about the future of Gaza after the war. What is the US government considering the idea of ​​managing the “revived” Palestinian Authority in the Gaza Strip, to which the Israeli leaders have declared their total opposition to.

On the other hand, the embrace and open arms that “Biden” has shown to “Benjamin Netanyahu”, the Prime Minister of Israel, in the Gaza war, has created a serious and deep conflict among his statesmen; Those who have not been able to get the answers to these questions from him; What is the message that the US government intends to send about this war? And what is the exact post-war scenario of the White House for the region?

Referring to other internal difficulties of “Biden”, it should be mentioned the devastating consequences of the expansion of the Middle East war on the energy market on the eve of the US presidential election, which can directly affect the votes of the people of this country. The prediction of experts in the field of energy indicates the continuation and escalation of energy prices in the world markets due to the war in Gaza on the eve of entering the cold season; This can become the most important livelihood concern of the American people. In addition, weighing this issue along with the growing anger of American Muslims and Arabs over this country's participation in the killing of more than 18,000 Palestinians has already cast the prospect of the re-election of “Biden” in a shadow of uncertainty.

Therefore, while the war between Israel and Hamas continues with the broad support of the United States, it seems that Biden's opportunities are running out, and he may have to put restrictions on openly aligning with the Israeli regime to maintain his presidential seat.


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