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Publish Date : 12/12/2023 5:06:15 PM
40 countries assemble a naval military campaign to deal with Yemen's operations in the Red Sea


40 countries assemble a naval military campaign to deal with Yemen's operations in the Red Sea

Simultaneously with the beginning of the third month of the new invasion of Gaza by the Israeli regime, the opening of a new front in the sea was beyond the predictions of this regime and its allies. Today, with the increase in missile and drone attacks from Yemen and the warning to non-Israeli ships carrying cargo from the Zionist regime, international analysts have turned part of their focus to the Red Sea. This process has followed the protest and struggle of Tel Aviv's main ally, the United States, the latest of which is the unveiling of the idea of ​​a coalition of 40 countries in the Red Sea.

NOURNEWS- At the beginning of the recent war in Gaza and when Yemen's Ansarullah warned Israel not to initiate a ground attack on Gaza, many did not take this position seriously, but three days after the beginning of the Zionist regime ground invasion against Gaza, Yemen targeted the port and The city of Eilat, in the southernmost point of occupied Palestine, with several missiles and drones and showed that it stands by its word.

Threatening cargo ships to or from the occupied territories and taking control of the “Galaxy Leader” ship was the forerunner of an operation that is still ongoing and has caused the concern of the main supporter and ally of the Israeli regime. It was last week that “Jake Sullivan”, Joe Biden's national security adviser, announced that the United States is negotiating with other countries and is trying to persuade them to form an international naval force to ensure the safe passage of ships in the Red Sea.

In the latest development, “Sky News Arabic” quoted a US Defense Ministry official as saying that the US is trying to make 40 countries join this international naval force. According to this American official, “the mentioned naval force will monitor an area of ​​three million miles of international waters and includes the member countries of the US Central Command (CENTCOM).” The claim of forming a naval alliance is worth pondering from several perspectives;

1. America's old coalitions, from Afghanistan and Iraq to Libya and Ukraine, from the Persian Gulf to the China Sea, etc., have never led to the desired result, and all these coalitions have collapsed after a while and have practically become a scandal for America. The shameful escape from Afghanistan, the failure to swallow Iraq and Syria, the failure of the new Middle East plan in Lebanon in 2006 and the 33-day war, the series of failures in the Ukraine war, the forced retreats of the United States against Iran's maritime authority in the Persian Gulf and similar in the China Sea are a small manifestation of sterile version of American coalitions; In such a way that America's European allies no longer accept America's unilateralism under the guise of fake alliances. An approach that stood out in the opposition of many European countries to the continuation of the war in Ukraine.

2. American coalitions not only do not lead to security, but they are always the basis for the escalation of countless crises and crimes in the world, such as the coalition against Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan and the coalition against ISIS in Iraq and Syria. Coalitions that not only did not help curb terrorist movements but targeted the front that was fighting against terrorism. A clear example of that was the American state terrorism in the martyrdom of the resistance commanders in the terrorist attack on the Baghdad airport. The history of the United States in similar actions shows that the coalition that the United States is looking for in the Red Sea is officially supporting the godfather of terrorism, the Zionist regime, and leaving the hands of the occupiers open to continue killing.

3. Considering the fate of America's old alliances, the failure of the Red Sea Alliance can be predicted from now on; Especially since the said coalition is against Yemen, which has emerged from the tough test of the eight-year war with the most modern armies in the region, and today analysts admit that the role of Yemen in determining the fate of the region cannot be ignored.

4. The conditions governing the Red Sea are a result of the Zionist regime's crimes against the Palestinians, especially in Gaza. The Yemenis have repeatedly emphasized that their actions in the Red Sea are only against the ships of the Zionist regime or the ships that carry out the trades of this regime, and as long as the crimes of this regime continue in Gaza, Yemen will continue its actions in the Red Sea. Based on this, the logical and final solution to restore security to the Red Sea is to stop the brutality of the Zionists, end the siege imposed on Gaza, and start the reconstruction of Gaza.

5. The ambitious claim of the Americans to create a coalition in the Red Sea is beyond the jurisdiction of this country; Because America is not a neighbor of the Red Sea and has no right to have a military presence there.

6. America is talking about forming a coalition with a chain of countries to deal with Ansarullah and a country called Yemen, which, according to the world, the majority of its population is suffering from poverty, hunger, and siege; However, they have 8 years experience of resistance and standing against the attacks of a coalition of dozens of Arab, Western and terrorist countries. The demarcation and encampment of 40 countries to confront the operation in Yemen is a clear sign of America's military and political deterioration.


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