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Publish Date : 12/12/2023 10:00:19 AM
Theorizing bullying in an institution that was supposed to support peace!


Theorizing bullying in an institution that was supposed to support peace!

When will the United Nations be ready to use its punitive mechanisms against the occupation regime that officially commits infanticide in Gaza, and are these mechanisms sufficient to face an illegitimate and infanticide regime?!

NOURNEWS- Many of the world's independent media have praised the rare act of António Guterres, the Secretary General of the United Nations, about Article 99 of the United Nations Charter.

Article 99 of the UN Charter, which had not been used for decades, empowers the UN Secretary-General to highlight issues that threaten international peace and security.

However, after holding a UN Security Council meeting at Guterres' request, the US used its veto to prevent a ceasefire in the Gaza war.

With this incident, it is clear that even the UN Secretary General's reference to his special powers cannot end a real crisis in the international system, and the veto right of a bully actor is far more valuable in the current structure of the United Nations than UN's Secretary General's will to end a crisis. 

The fact of the matter is that the structure of the United Nations and the special work of the Security Council was designed and drawn for the hypertext of World War II and the period after it, but despite this, even during the formation of the bipolar system in international relations, it did not function to a large extent, and with the transition to the third millennium and the beginning of the war in Afghanistan and Iraq, this structural weakness became more apparent.

To describe the situation more precisely; In the analysis of the current structure of the United Nations, the public opinion of the world is faced with the “predominance of the historical metatext over the real text”, the “revolt of the structure against the actors” and the “theorization of force and domination”, and the experience of the Gaza war clearly showed the ineffective mechanism of the United Nations.

With these explanations; Certainly, the only way to face this trend is to change the underlying relations and the governing structure of the United Nations and to redefine the effective mechanism of this international institution in the face of the expanding conflicts at the world level, and actions such as changing the Secretary General or transferring the United Nations officials cannot lead to providing the interests of nations and the vast majority of countries in the world.

What the Zionists are intentionally doing in the Gaza Strip is a kind of systematic genocide, of which the Gaza's Baptist hospital incident and the bombing of the Jabalia refugee camp are two concrete examples.

The common denominator of both Zionist crimes has been the inaction of international and human rights organizations to prevent these incidents, even though António Guterres called the Baptist hospital's incident a disaster, he could not prevent the Zionists from killing children again in Jabalia.

Now the main question is, when will the United Nations be willing to use its punitive mechanisms against the occupying regime that is officially killing children in Gaza, and are these mechanisms enough to be used against an illegitimate and child-killing regime?!

Isn't the humanitarian intervention of the world and the United Nations for the benefit of the children of Gaza in the face of a full-scale crime and genocide, the most minimal action that should be taken against a barbaric regime?

The bitter irony of the story is that the interpretation of this humanitarian intervention is the responsibility of the US, Britain, and France as the three main countries supporting the genocide in Gaza!

There is no longer any doubt that the structure of the United Nations, its belongings, and the process of interpretation of its laws must be changed for the benefit of humanity, civility, and the real protection of human rights.


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