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Publish Date : 12/11/2023 1:33:55 PM
Kanaani: US veto of Gaza resolution shows UNSC inability to fulfill duties

Kanaani: US veto of Gaza resolution shows UNSC inability to fulfill duties

Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman Nasser Kanaani has criticized the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) for its failure to help stop the Gaza war in the wake of a recent US veto of a ceasefire resolution, saying that the veto is a sign of a deadlock at the Council.

NOURNEWS- Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman Nasser Kanaani has criticized the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) for its failure to help stop the Gaza war in the wake of a recent US veto of a ceasefire resolution, saying that the veto is a sign of a deadlock at the Council.

“The Security Council has failed to fulfill its duty to ensure international peace and security and prevent war and has done nothing at this critical stage. The US veto shows an impasse in the UNSC and its inability to do its duty,” the spokesman said on Monday at his weekly press briefing in Tehran.

Iran believes that the UNSC should have a more democratic structure and should act in a more effective way when it comes to ensuring international peace and security, Kanaani added.  

He described as regrettable the US veto of the resolution that was submitted on Friday by the UAE following a move by UN Chief António Guterres to invoke the rarely used Article 99 of the United Nations Charter and his call on the Security Council to unite in averting a “humanitarian catastrophe” in Gaza.

Kanaani once again expressed Iran’s gratitude over the “responsible act” by the UN chief to raise the attention of the Security Council to the Gaza war and criticized the US government for refusing to heed the call by Guterres and the international community for a stop to Israel’s brutal attacks on Gaza.

The American government showed that it is against the international community and has no fear of being the sole supporter of the Israeli regime, the spokesman said.

He added that the US veto indicated that Washington has not only voted down the stop of the war, but it has also voted for “the continuation of barbarism against the innocent Palestinian nation.”

Palestine’s “No” to US plans

About the future of war in Gaza, the spokesman said certain sides including the United States, which are the Zionist regime’s accomplices in the brutal attacks on Gaza, are after political ways to achieve what they couldn’t reach in war; meanwhile, the Palestinian nation will say “No” to them.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has declared over and over that the Palestinian nation is the only party eligible to decide their fate, he said adding that those who try to draw up plans for the Palestinian people from outside the land will not be successful.

As he stressed, Iran does not put forth any ideas about the Palestinians’ fate but has proposed a democratic solution that has been registered with the UN.

“Others don’t have the right to impose their unilateral demands on the Palestinian nation.”

Iranian President's Visit to Turkey

Speaking about the called-off visit of Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi to Turkey, the spokesman said that the visit was canceled after the two sides agreed on the issue and due to the present situation in Palestine.

Also, the visit of the Iranian delegation to Turkey did not take place because of not issuing visa for the Iranian foreign minister in due time, he added.

Iran Rejects JCPOA 2

Kanaani also said the idea of reaching a JCPOA 2 is put forward by those who did not adhere to their obligations under the original JCPOA, aka the Iran nuclear agreement, and are now seeking to justify their non-commitment by suggesting “deviant ideas”.

“Iran does not see the need for another JCPOA,” he asserted. “Iran is the one that has honored its commitments under the JCPOA, and those who have not honored their commitments do not have the right to talk about deviant issues, including JCPOA 2.”

MKO terror group's trial

On Iran’s holding of the trial of the terrorist cult Mujahedin-e-Khalq Organization (MKO), the spokesman said the trial will begin on Tuesday with legal preparations having been made by the country’s judiciary.

“This will be another step in Iran’s legal actions and the extradition of those whose hands are covered in the blood of thousands of Iranian people and officials,” he said.

“The Iranian nation expects the Iranian administration and judiciary to punish the criminals for their deeds, and the judiciary will take the necessary measures in this regard.”

Judicial cooperation between Iran and Iraq

Commenting on the recent judicial cooperation between Iran and Iraq, Kanaani said such bilateral cooperation is among the most important forms of cooperation between the two neighbors and requires mutual consultations and collaborations.

“The judicial and criminal pursuit of the criminals who committed the assassination of Martyr Soleimani and Abu Mahdi Al-Muhandis at the Baghdad airport is one of the aspects of this judicial cooperation between Tehran and Baghdad,” he added.

Iranian military advisors in Syria

On the presence of Iranian military advisors in Syria, the spokesman said that they are in the Arab country in response to an official request by the Syrian government.

Their presence is legal and part of Iran’s main principles to fight terrorism and help regional countries, he added.

Kanaani called US air and missile attacks on Syrian soil as an act of aggression, demanding the international community react to the violation of Syria’s national sovereignty and security. He also warned against attacks on Iranian positions and interests, saying that those attacks have not gone and will not go unanswered.

Iran’s diplomatic efforts for a truce in Gaza

On Iran’s diplomatic efforts aimed at bringing a ceasefire in Gaza, the spokesman said that the issue is a top priority that the Islamic Republic has been pursuing since the onset of the war on October 7, stressing that crimes against Palestinians in Gaza should be stopped.

Other issues, including the forced displacement of Gazans and sending further humanitarian aid to the people there, are among other priorities of the Islamic Republic, Kanaani noted.

On Tuesday, the Iranian diplomat said that the UN General Assembly will meet on a new resolution on Gaza following the Security Council’s failure to pass its own resolution on a ceasefire in the besieged Palestinian territory. He expressed hope that the new efforts would lead to a ceasefire in the Gaza war.

Iran's cooperation with Armenia, Azerbaijan

About Tehran’s diplomatic efforts to relieve tensions in the Caucasus region, the spokesman said the Islamic Republic welcomes the Armenia-Azerbaijan joint statement on bilateral cooperation in various issues including release of POWs.

Iran sees the joint statement as a positive step towards achieving mutual agreement between the two countries, Kanaani stressed.

The recent visit of President Raisi to Russia

The recent travel of Iranian President Raisi to Russia made the prime minister of the Zionist regime angry.

Iran does not pay attention to the remarks made by certain sides about Tehran’s bilateral ties with the friendly countries, according to the spokesman.

He added that such remarks will not affect Iran’s efforts to enhance relations with its partners.

As he underlined, Iran and Russia have witnessed the growing cooperation in line with serving mutual interests. Tehran and Moscow experienced over $5 billion of trade exchange in 2022, according to official statistics.

Talks on the Caspian Sea

On the issue related to the Caspian Sea, Iran does what is based on techniques and laws.

“Within the framework of fundamental attitudes, we will pursue this issue in line with Iran’s interests.”

‘Iran has clear expectations from Iraq’

Offering explanations about a recent trip to Iraq by Iran’s Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces Major General Mohammad Bagheri, Kanaani said Iran’s expectations from its Arab neighbor are clear.

“What military institutions and mechanisms are doing is within the framework of the assigned duties,” he said. “Efforts are ongoing in this direction, and we hope to reach the level expected by both sides.”

He also talked about the Iran-Russia cooperation regarding the new nuclear reactor and the parliament’s passing of an agreement on cooperation with Russia, saying the agreement had been signed by the two sides and it has now been ratified by the parliament and gone through its legal process.

Asked about the cooperation between the two countries in the field of peaceful nuclear energy, he said it is part of the bilateral cooperation agreement. “I don’t have more details about this,” he added.

The Foreign Ministry spokesman, speaking about the trial of a Swedish citizen in Iran, said the charges against the individual and the crimes committed by them are clear and have been already announced.

He added, “The details have been conveyed to the respective government. The case will go through its judicial process, and naturally, the judiciary will perform its inherent duties.”

Yemen's response to the Israeli regime's invasion of Palestine

Regarding the actions of the Yemeni army against the United States in the region, Kanaani said that Iran has repeatedly announced that lack of serious measures against the Zionist regime’s crimes will cause reactions in the region in support of the oppressed Palestinians.

Kanaani also stated that some in the region take actions based on their decision, and Iran supports the actions of countries and governments in support of Palestine; these actions are within the framework of interests that these groups have.

Doha Forum

Regarding the possibility of Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian’s attendance in the Doha Forum, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman stated that Amirabdollahian will not partake in the forum.

Regarding the embargo on Israeli goods, Kanaani mentioned that the Iranian Foreign Ministry has provided a list of companies. The list has been reviewed by the office of the deputy of economic diplomacy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and handed over to the ministry of Industry, Mine, and Trade.



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