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Publish Date : 12/11/2023 10:49:26 AM
Yemen's Ansarullah's fireworks in the Red Sea


Yemen's Ansarullah's fireworks in the Red Sea

Gaza is under the cowardly fire of the Zionist regime, and the waterways of the Israeli regime are under the fire of Yemen's Ansarullah. Although the volume of fire on these two land and sea fronts is not comparable, the threat to the economic lifeline of the Zionist regime from Yemen has attracted international analysts.

NOURNEWS- On October 8th, the day after the Al-Aqsa Storm operation and hours after the Zionist regime started its blind attacks on Gaza, the world's political, international, and media circles were first concerned about the spread of fire beyond the borders of Gaza and the occupied territories; The West Bank, Lebanon, Iraq, and Syria were among the names that were likely to be involved in this new conflict, and among them, the farthest option for the Westerners supporting the Zionist regime was “Yemen”. But entering the third month of the Israeli regime's all-out attack on Gaza, Yemen has turned the Red Sea into a new front for Tel Aviv.

Yemen; The new war front?

A few days ago, Brigadier General Yahya Saree, the spokesman of the Yemeni armed forces, announced that this country will not allow any cargo destined for occupied Palestine to pass through Yemeni waters. Unless it is a carrier of medicine and food for the people of Gaza. Referring to the attacks of the forces under his responsibility on Israeli ports and ships, he emphasized that he considers all ships belonging to the Israeli regime or transporting goods to Israeli ports to be legitimate targets for Yemen. The spokesman of the Yemeni armed forces warned the Zionist regime: “Until Israel stops the attack on Gaza, these operations will continue.”

The attack of explosive drones and ballistic missiles on three ships related to or attributed to the Israeli regime, the drone attacks deep in occupied Palestine, preventing the movement of Israeli ships in the Gulf of Oman, the Red Sea, and Bab-El-Mandeb, the attack with ballistic missiles on the port of Eilat in the south of the occupied territories and the seizure of a cargo ship named “Galaxy Leader” was only part of the operation carried out by Yemen's Ansarullah in defense of “their brothers in Gaza”.

Simultaneously with the increase of these movements, the Zionist channel 12, citing “Tzachi Hanegbi”, the head of the internal security council of the Zionist regime, announced that “Benjamin Netanyahu”, the prime minister of the Israeli regime, told “Joe Biden”, the President of the United States, and “Olaf Scholz”. The Chancellor of Germany has announced that if America does not take action against Yemen, Israel will take military action against Yemen. The threat was immediately met with the reaction of “Zeifullah al-Shami”, the Minister of Information of the National Salvation Government of Yemen, who said to Netanyahu: “We are fully ready for any military action and movement against Yemen.” Talking to “Al Jazeera” network, said that “we have used all our power to counter the aggression against our brothers in Gaza,” he repeated the positions of the Yemeni armed forces and emphasized: “Every ship that goes to deliver aid Or anything else that will be done to help the Zionists, it will be in our crosshairs.” But the question is, what is Yemen's goal by attacking ships carrying cargo and goods to and from the Zionist regime?

Yemen's real goals in the Red Sea and the Gulf of Oman

“Red Sea”, “Sea of Makran”, “Bab-El-Mandeb” and port of “Eilat” are the main passage for ships that either belong to the Zionist regime or transport imported and exported goods of this regime. Making the route of ships carrying Israeli goods insecure will impose heavy financial costs on this regime. The Israeli regime widely uses these routes for trade and, for example, imports a major part of its food come through from Bab al-Mandab, and if the attacks continue, the cost of insurance for Israeli ships or ships carrying goods to the occupied territories will probably increase. It is also possible that some ships that see themselves in danger due to their connection with the Israeli regime may change their route through the Bab-El-Mandeb and the Red Sea and instead resort to other longer routes, fundamentally changing the way goods are transported. Eilat, a port and resort town in the south of the occupied territories in the Red Sea, is also a tourist destination, which will cause serious financial damage if its security is compromised for a long time.

It was to deal with such damages that “Jake Sullivan”, Joe Biden's national security adviser, announced last week that the United States is negotiating with other countries and trying to persuade them to form an international naval force to ensure the safe passage of ships in the Red Sea. These statements were related to the time when Yemen's Ansarullah targeted only Israeli ships, but now it has been announced that any cargo that departs from the ports of the Zionist regime or cargo that is destined for the occupied territories are the legitimate targets of the resistance forces in Yemen. Now we have to wait and see if the US and its supporters can counter the actions of Yemen in attacking the interests of the Zionist regime and especially the blocking of the water route for the transfer of goods to the Israeli regime, or the announced coalition because the previous similar actions will only be a show of power?


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