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Publish Date : 12/6/2023 1:23:28 PM
America's approach towards the PA has changed; An strategic act or a confession


America's approach towards the PA has changed; An strategic act or a confession

With the passage of more than 60 days since the start of the Al-Aqsa storm operation and the new round of conflicts between Hamas and the Zionist regime, Gaza, as the center of the legitimate resistance of the Palestinian people against the occupation of the Zionist regime, remains at the center of world's attention. Despite two months of heavy and massive all-around attacks, the occupiers could not achieve their declared goals, and this predictable failure has changed the political equations and positions of Tel Aviv's allies.

NOURNEWS- At the time of the escalation of the Zionist regime's crimes against civilians in Gaza, the spokesperson of the National Security Council of the White House said that the Palestinian Authority (PA) is not suitable for the administration of the Gaza Strip.

In response to a question about Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's opposition to the administration of Gaza by the Palestinian National Authority, John Kirby said: "What Netanyahu said has now come true. You see a non-united self-governing organization (PA), and this is also unacceptable for us."

He added: "We do not believe that the Palestinian National Authority is now in a good condition to take over the administration of the Gaza Strip." According to Kirby, "Washington wants to reform and revive its self-governing organization to help govern the Gaza Strip."

America's previous position on Palestinian National Authority

These words were raised while the US Foreign Minister Anthony Blinken called the Palestinian National Authority "the ruler of Gaza" during his speech in the Senate. Also, "Kamala Harris", the Vice President of the United States, has also emphasized the necessity of the presence of the Palestinian National Authority in Gaza in Dubai. At the same time, in Europe, the heads of Britain, Germany, etc., by adopting common positions, emphasized the necessity of the self-governing organizations in Gaza.

With these conditions, the question is raised, why has America changed its stance?

The answer to this question can be considered from several points.

1. supporting the continuation of the killing; Although the Americans claim to support the ceasefire and reduce civilian casualties, at times beyond practical support, they took over the administration of the military attack on Gaza, and they claim that Netanyahu's judgment regarding the self-governing organizations is correct, is a kind of green light to him to continue and kill more Palestinians in Gaza.

2. Expiry date of Mahmoud Abbas; The Americans' words about the self-governing organization are in a situation where "Abu Mazen", the leader of the self-governing organization or PA, despite his compromise approach, is unable to deal with the West Bank uprising under the pressure of the Palestinians and public opinion, and on the other hand, he has forcibly condemned the crimes committed by the Zionists and the United States against Gaza. Some reports show that the Zionists, America and some Arab countries are looking for changes at the head of the self-governing organizations with options such as "Mahmoud Dahlan". Today's fate of self-governing organizations is reminiscent of the fate of people like "Ashraf Ghani" in Afghanistan, "Saddam Hussein" in Iraq, etc.

3. The unsuccessful attacks of the Zionist regime; The heavy, all-out barbaric attacks of the Zionist regime in the last two months, which were carried out with the false claim of eliminating Hamas and dominating the region, had no result except killing the people of Gaza, and this regime did not even come close to its declared goals. This fact is such that even French President Emmanuel Macron called the Zionist regime's claim that the war with Hamas would continue until the destruction of Hamas is impossible and warned the Zionist regime that even if its goal to destroy Hamas is achievable, it will take more than a decade to reach it. Based on this, the statements of the Americans regarding the inability of the PA to govern Gaza can be considered as an implicit acknowledgment of the strength of the Palestinian resistance and a retreat from the old claim of the destruction of Hamas. In this regard, John Kirby's words about the self-governing organizations not being ready to govern Gaza have similar signs. The change in America's position is definitely due to the evaluation of the developments in the field during the last two months and the determination of the weight of each side of the conflict. Although it is still too early to judge the American approach in adopting new positions towards the PA, considering the initial effect of this policy, which is a kind of forced passage of the plan to remove Hamas from Gaza, it can be expected that with the continuation of the failures of the Zionist regime in the current war and with the identification of new dimensions of the strength of the Palestinian resistance, further retreats in political and military dimensions by the United States and the Zionist regime are ahead.


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