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Publish Date : 12/5/2023 4:52:30 PM
The Zionist regime returns to the zero point


The Zionist regime returns to the zero point

While the Zionist regime was announcing the complete capture of northern Gaza after 40 days of ground operations in this region, Hamas dealt the last fatal blow to the credibility of the Zionists by freeing some of the Israeli prisoners from the same area.

NOURNEWS- Two rallies after the exchange of prisoners between Hamas and the Zionist regime attracted the attention of cameras and the eyes of the world's media; The first was a protest and night gathering that was held on the second day of the ceasefire in Tel Aviv, during which the settlers, showing their anger and dissatisfaction with Benjamin Netanyahu's policies, asked the Prime Minister of the Zionist regime not to disrupt the process of releasing Israeli prisoners.

The second gathering was also held in the areas near Ramallah in the West Bank; Where thousands of Palestinians were holding the flag of this country as well as flags decorated with the symbol of “Hamas” and were waiting for the release of prisoners who were locked up in the prisons of the Zionist regime for months and years.

The Israeli regime made numerous efforts to somehow disperse both gatherings; The first one was done with repeated promises and slogans, and the second one was done by creating terror and throwing tear gas at the Palestinians, but the tears that came from the eyes of the Palestinians were drowned in their victorious smiles and enthusiasm; Unlike the atmosphere of worry and anger that dominated the first gathering.

A famous proverb says that when wars are over, no one remembers why they were started; An allegory that, in its original meaning, refers to the events that add up to the main objective during a battle and sometimes divert it or completely overshadow it.

As can be seen, the Zionist regime made a lot of efforts to exemplify this proverb with the uncontrolled killing of oppressed Palestinian women and children; Because the Zionist regime's main goal of the new conflicts in the Gaza Strip was the complete destruction of Hamas and not the destruction of Gaza, and now, fifty days after the start of the new military conflict, Israel agreed to a ceasefire, in return for which the occupier regime must open the doors of the old prisons and release three Palestinians for every one prisoner held by Hamas.

This was while the Zionist army, in the early days when it was planning to launch a ground attack on Gaza, insinuated that by identifying and tracking the underground tunnel network of Hamas, it would reach the place where the prisoners were kept, thus promising “freedom” of the prisoners and the subject of “exchange” was not even thought upon.

The equation that was clarified by this exchange was very clear; Not only Hamas and the military infrastructure of this liberating group were not destroyed, but the Zionist regime could not make even a small achievement or inflict any serious damage on Hamas and showcase it and in the end, it was forced to give in to an unequal exchange of prisoners.

The last blow to the Zionist regime was the release of Israeli prisoners in northern Gaza; While the Zionist regime claimed to have occupied the north of Gaza and to show its control, it did not even refuse to attack and besiege the children's hospital, but it received its prisoners in the same place that it claimed to have occupied! It was in this way that while crossing all humanitarian and moral boundaries, after a month and a half of relentless bombing of the Gaza Strip and showing the tunnels that the Zionist media later announced were fake, all the written and unwritten rules and equations of war were returned to zero point.

On the 7th of October, when Hamas carried out the Al Aqsa Storm operation and defeated the intelligence and military hegemony of the Zionist regime, it exposed the hypocrisy of this regime's alleged power to the eyes of the world and proved in the field that the sand castle of Israel was easily destroyed by a storm created out of the determined will of the resistant and courageous Palestinian people.


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