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Publish Date : 11/21/2023 5:14:56 PM
Kanaani: The regional resistance groups are not under the command of Iran

Kanaani: The regional resistance groups are not under the command of Iran

The spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated in a weekly meeting with reporters that the resistance groups in the region are not under the command of Iran to take orders from Iran, and Iran does not have proxy groups in the region to give them orders.

NOURNEWS- Nasser Kanaani, the spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran, explained the latest developments in the field of foreign policy on 20 November, in his weekly press conference with media members.

At first, he described the current situation in Gaza, paid tribute to the souls of more than five thousand Palestinian child martyrs, and wished recovery to tens of thousands of wounded Palestinians.

The spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran stated: These are bitter days for the oppressed children of Palestine. Our heart is suffering and saddened by the deplorable situation that the oppressed Palestinian children are experiencing these days.

In response to a question about the list of products of Zionist companies, he said: According to the laws, the entry of goods produced by Zionist companies or companies that have shares related to Zionist companies into Iran is prohibited, and certainly the great nation of Iran, with the understanding of the nature of the cruel, aggressive and occupying Zionist regime has no desire to use the goods produced by Zionist companies, and if they have knowledge about this issue, they will definitely avoid it. In the context of the possibility that some companies will enter the Iranian markets with unprincipled methods of goods owned by these companies, according to the law, the diplomatic agency (foreign ministry), together with other relevant agencies of the country, is obliged to investigate such goods and companies. The diplomatic service has carried out its investigations over many years, and these investigations have been carried out regularly. The list of these types of goods and companies whose goods are likely to enter Iran or can enter Iran has been given to the relevant executive bodies, including the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade, which the Ministry carries out within the framework of the assigned mission.

The spokesman continued and said: Iran's relevant agencies are sensitive to this issue and are aware of their duties, and the diplomatic agency and the Ministry of Industry, Mine, and Trade are serious in pursuing and implementing this law.

Regarding Netanyahu's statements regarding the seizure of the Israeli port in Yemen and attributing it to Iran, Kanaani also said: These accusations are false and are caused by the dire conditions that this regime is dealing with. We have repeatedly announced that the resistance groups in the region are the representatives of their countries and nations. Based on their own interests and their countries and nations, they decide and act spontaneously. Such statements are in the context of projection and escape from the dire situation that the Zionist regime is facing. This regime cannot accept that it has suffered a strategic defeat from a Palestinian group and is trying in various ways to find a justification for its gross failure by accusing others and Iran. These accusations are false and have no benefit for this failed regime.

Furthermore, Kanaani said that the continuation and escalation of conflicts in the region is the result of all-round political and military support and the continuation of biased policies of the American statesmen against the criminal and barbaric actions of the Zionist regime, and it is the continuation of the non-stop airstrikes and massive massacres of this regime, which is supported by the US has been committed against the oppressed people of Gaza. The comprehensive and unlimited support of the US government to the war crimes of this regime has faced serious reactions in the region. The US government's action in stubbornly opposing any resolution in the Security Council that includes a request for an immediate and definitive ceasefire are among the measures that have made the conditions of Gaza and the human situation in the Gaza Strip complicated, and painful. These cause the reaction of the resistance forces in the region.

The spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs continued: The resistance groups have warned that if they do not end the war crimes and attacks against the Palestinians in Gaza, the resistance groups will not be limited. They gave this warning to America many times. The broad global wave of opposition to the continuation of the war against Gaza and the unconditional support of the United States to the Zionist regime means that the nations of the world are angry about what is happening in Gaza.

Kanaani said: The American government and the Zionist regime must understand that only by immediately stopping the killing of people and lifting the complete blockade from Gaza and allowing the sending of urgent humanitarian aid and also ending the displacement of the oppressed Palestinian nation from Gaza will end the reaction of the resistance groups and Nations. If these crimes continue, resistance groups and nations will not remain silent and will react seriously.

The spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said about the Iraqi resistance attacks on the American bases in Iraq: the resistance groups in the region are not under the command of Iran nor do they take orders from Iran, these groups are the representatives of their nations and governments. Instead of accusing Iran, the American government should investigate more closely why it is hated by the nations of the world.

He added that Iran does not have proxy or advocacy groups in the region to give orders to. These are part of the reactions to the crimes of the Zionist regime supported by the American government in the region.

In response to a question, this senior Iranian diplomat said: The Zionist regime has repeatedly and continuously committed numerous war crimes, genocide, gross human rights violations, and the forced relocation of a part of the people of Palestine and Gaza and attempted Mass crimes and mass punishment of people and citizens without any distinction between military and civilians and disregarding proportionality in the principle of response, the killing of more than 15,000 citizens, which according to the statistics of the United Nations and the United Nations Population Statistics Center and the International Committee of the Red Cross, more than 70% of the martyrs were children and women, everything indicates the commission of war crimes by the Zionist regime in various types of these crimes. The International Criminal Court does not have jurisdiction over these crimes from a legal point of view. Cases against the officials of this regime have been open in the International Criminal Court for several years. Fortunately, in recent days, a number of governments have filed complaints against the authorities of the Zionist regime in this court. As Iran, we support this idea, and we raised this demand many times in various meetings.

Kanaani said: We requested the said court to enter based on the complaints it received. The court is expected to fulfill its duty. The past performance records of the court have not shown successful and satisfactory performance so far. It has acted unilaterally in some cases. Now, according to the requests made to it, the International Criminal Court is facing a serious test to prove its ability and credibility in carrying out its inherent mission.

He continued: According to many lawyers and international experts, the Zionist regime has committed all kinds of war crimes in Gaza and there is enough evidence to support this. In the framework of its proposal to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and within the framework of the resolution of the summit, Iran has appointed a committee to compile these documents for submission to international courts, including this court, we hope that the International Criminal Court, within the framework of its inherent mission, will prove that it acts impartially and fairly and will proceed with the trial of war criminals. In the frame of his recent trip to Geneva, the foreign minister of Iran mentioned this issue in a meeting with the UN officials in Geneva and even asked the representative of the Secretary General in humanitarian affairs to form a specialized committee to compile and document for use in international courts. Iran will follow this issue seriously.


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