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Publish Date : 11/9/2023 6:53:56 AM
The messages that Blinken's trip to Iraq sent to the world!


The messages that Blinken's trip to Iraq sent to the world!

Although Blinken's trip to Iraq was apparently in the framework of the Gaza war and the so-called inclusive diplomacy of the US, in practice, the final message that was sent to the world from this trip, in addition to the extreme humiliation of the secretary of the state of US, showed the decline of American unilateralism.

NOURNEWS- US Foreign Minister Anthony Blinken visited Iraq a few days ago during his periodical trip to the region centered on the Gaza war, claiming the active role of the US in global diplomacy to solve the crises in West Asia and the need to accompany other countries with the plans and demands of the US, while the process of developments Iraq sent significant messages to the world during and after his visit.

First; Blinken's repeated support for the Zionist regime in the meeting with the Iraqi authorities once again showed that America has no will to end the crimes of this regime, and not only does it not have the authority to claim to be the savior, but it must be held accountable as the accomplice of the Zionists in the genocide of the Palestinians.

Second; Blinken's arrival in Iraq with a bulletproof vest, even when American forces have been present in the country for 20 years, is a clear admission of America's failure to create a proper image and position for itself in the region. The disgust of the Turkish people during his visit to this country evoked the same meaning.

Third; The Americans claim that they have been able to have allies who are aligned with them during their years of presence in the region, who go along with Washington's positions, but the difference in the views of the Iraqi authorities, including regarding the Gaza war, revealed other aspects of the decline of America's global position.

In his meeting with Blinken, the Iraqi Prime Minister emphasized Iraq's position in condemning the Zionist attacks on the Gaza Strip and said: “The international community must take responsibility for Israel's crimes in Gaza.”

In the meeting with the Supreme Leader of Iran, Shia al-Sudani considered the Al-Aqsa storm operation a heroic operation that brought happiness to all the free people of the world and strongly criticized the silence of international assemblies and human rights advocates regarding these crimes.

Fourth; One of the most important goals of Blinken's trip to Iraq was to end the Iraqi resistance actions against American bases, as Blinken asked the Iraqi Prime Minister to hold accountable those responsible for the continued attacks on American forces in Iraq.

Matthew Miller, the spokesperson of the US State Department, also said about the purpose of Blinken's trip to Baghdad: Blinken met with the Sudanese Shiites in Baghdad and discussed the current tensions between Israel and the Hamas movement and the need to avoid expanding the scope of the conflict, including in Iraq.

At the same time as Blinken's trip to Iraq, Qatar's Al Jazeera network reported that the American military base in Anbar province in western Iraq was targeted, and Iraq's Al-Nujba channel also quoted a knowledgeable source as saying that the American base “Victoria” near Baghdad International Airport was targeted.

At the same time, the Al Mayadeen network reported that the said base is located near the village of “Qasrak” in the north of Al-Hasakah, located in the northeast of Syria. The Islamic resistance of Iraq also announced that it has targeted four US military bases in Syria and Iraq six times.

After Blinken's trip, in an approach that shows the inadvisability of resistance in the region and their failure to resist the American occupation and the crimes of the Zionists, the Islamic Resistance of Iraq announced that it would use the medium-range missile “Aqsa 1” to target American bases for the first time ever.

The continuation of Iraqi resistance attacks, despite Blinken's requests and warnings, also reveals another dimension of the formation of the new world order, far from the demands of the US, whose scope is getting wider every day, as the spokesman of the Yemeni armed forces also said on Monday of the drone attacks on the sensitive centers of the Zionist regime in Occupied Palestine announced.

With these explanations; Although on the surface Blinken's trip was in the framework of the Gaza war and the so-called inclusive diplomacy of the US, in practice, the final message that was sent from this trip to the world, on the one hand, expresses the extreme humiliation of the secretary of the state of US a country which has been under occupation of the US for 20 years, as the US sought to dominate and align it with itself, and on the other hand, the deterioration reveals more about the depths of the unilateralism of America and the changes in the existing world order, in which, countries are no longer willing to play a role in Washington's puzzle, and they consider America’s actions not a solution but a reason for these crises.

BY: Pooya Mirzaei 


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