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Publish Date : 10/28/2023 11:34:51 AM
Israel's failed ground attack on Gaza; What's next?


Israel's failed ground attack on Gaza; What's next?

After the massive and unsuccessful ground attack of the Zionist regime on Gaza, which was carried out on Friday night with the all-round support of the United States, now the question arises why Biden, with the full support of the Zionist regime, advised the Zionist regime and stressed on the need for Israel to avoid repeating America's mistake after 11th of September?

NOURNEWS- History repeats itself more than once, and the second time can be more tragic! For those who have been following the actions of the United States in the past few weeks and its response to the new conflicts in Gaza, especially last night's Israeli ground operation in this region, the only comedian on the stage is the President of the United States, Joe Biden, who, on the one hand, has used America's financial power, weapons, intelligence, diplomacy, and media to help this country's nervous and confused ally in the Middle East, and it is helping Tel Aviv to erase the scandal due to its shock against Hamas by using the blood of children and women in Gaza and on the other hand by claiming to support humanitarian aid. To the civilians in this area, he wants to keep the mask of humanitarianism on his face.  What happened in Ukraine in the last two years made America's contradictions public, but what happened in the last two weeks, especially since Friday night, has revealed the true face of Joe Biden and every other politician in the US.

Perhaps it was in response to this double image that the “Nation” magazine emphasized in its latest report: “Watching President Biden warn Benjamin Netanyahu to heed the lessons of September 11, while giving Israel the permission to punish Gaza collectively, to follow the path of bloodshed of civilians in the name of taking revenge is a boring show.

Biden's alleged mediations to save the lives of 2,300,000 people trapped in the Gaza Strip were just a few trucks carrying food; Even in the situation that the Israeli regime attacked Gaza 400 times only last Tuesday!

Washington also voted against the United Nations General Assembly resolution, which was approved by more than 120 countries last night, emphasizing the need to establish a ceasefire in Gaza and end the killing of the oppressed Palestinian people, in order to add another link to the chain of its double behavior.

The President of the United States of America is talking about adopting best practices to reduce civilian casualties when nearly 2,500 children who should have been happy to hear these humanitarian speeches have been buried under the barrage of Zionists' rockets in recent weeks. This figure is less than 5,000 women and innocent civilians who were buried alive under the rubble with burnt skins and wounded and torn bodies.

After the massive and unsuccessful ground attack of the Zionist regime on Gaza, which was carried out on Friday night with the all-round support of the United States, now the question arises why Biden, with the full support of the Zionist regime, advised the Zionist regime and stressed on the need for Israel to avoid repeating America's mistake after 11th of September?

The contradiction of Americans is not limited to what has happened; In the words of John Kirby, the spokesman of the National Security Council of the White House, the US gave the Zionist regime the green light to attack Gaza and continue its bloodshed. He stated that “that's what war is; It's brutal, it's chaotic, and it's ugly,” he emphasized. The President of the United States also believes that the military conflict has costs such as the lives of children, women, and civilians, and with these clear words, Joe Biden in 2023, stands where George W. Bush stood where It was standing in 2003, exactly 20 years ago.

Biden; Bush the third?!

At that time, Bush II asked for 87 billion dollars to start the war against Iraq, and now Biden wants 74 billion dollars for additional weapons costs for Israel and Ukraine to start a war that no one knows when it will end or even what the result will be; Because it seems that Biden, like Bush, thinks that American violence is enough to win; without providing a precise definition of victory. With such a background, it is clear that the American effort to postpone the ground attack on Gaza was not out of benevolence and to prevent more civilians from being killed, but to further equip the Zionist regime for more crimes.

In the past few weeks, the huge advertising and media apparatus of the United States has tried to induce that three considerations have caused Joe Biden to invite his counterpart in Tel Aviv to exercise more restraint; The issue of the Israeli prisoners who are in the custody of Hamas, ensuring the success of the ground battle and trying to save as many civilians as possible, but the reality of the past three weeks and of course the frank and open confessions of the Americans showed that the children, women and other civilians of Gaza were the last possible issue of ant importance to the US.

Famine; The greatest weapon against Gaza

Analysts and observers believe that in addition to condemning the mischievous behavior of the Israeli and American regimes regarding the ground attack on Gaza, we should focus on the massacre that has already started a bloodbath in Gaza. In addition to more than 7,000 martyrs and twice the number of wounded, all 2,300,000 residents of Gaza are facing a weapon of mass destruction called “famine” which is planned and aimed at weakening the morale and strength of resistance against the enemy which has been imposed on them.

The Israeli regime has blocked the basic needs of the people of the region by completely besieging this coastal strip. Water and electricity are also cut off, and fuel and energy reserves are running out. Such a situation has many times the killing power of a bomb, and this is a useful and low-cost tool for the Zionist regime, which, according to itself, is focused on causing as much damage as possible to increase the success rate in ground combat. This is the version prescribed by the US for Gaza by vetoing the “temporary cease-fire” draft in the Security Council, voting against the General Assembly resolution, confirming the fabricated story of the Israelis about the attack on Gaza's Baptist Hospital, questioning the number of martyrs in Gaza, etc. In the meantime, the only concern of the US and the Israeli regime is that the killing of the people of Gaza has other spectators, whose reactions cannot be predicted, for example, these spectators include Hezbollah in Lebanon, the Houthi movement in Yemen, and resistance groups in Iraq

America and the Zionist regime are afraid of resistance groups

Although scattered clashes have been reported along the northern border of the occupied territories with Lebanon in the past few days, and Tel Aviv has also ordered the evacuation of the areas near the Lebanese borders as soon as possible, these impulses are contrary to what is likely and, of course, feared, and last night a glimpse of It was shown by Ansarullah in Yemen and resistance groups in Iraq, which was nothing compared to what is coming. However, the border of the occupied territories with Lebanon is the first point that the Israeli regime and the US are worried about becoming another new front. America has sent two strike ships to the eastern Mediterranean with the same reasoning, but Haaretz's analysis of the silence of the Secretary General of Lebanon's Hezbollah, was accompanied by the statement that “the moment of Nasrallah's appearance on the television screen is doomsday in Israel”; An analysis that shows that American ships cannot reassure Israel's safety against Hezbollah.

Flashing red lights across the Middle East

International observers believe that until last night, the fire of conflicts was mainly limited to Gaza and the occupied territories, but the movements on the border of Lebanon, as well as the scattered clashes of American forces and bases in Iraq and other countries in the region, as well as the missile and drone operations of Yemen's Ansarullah against Israel, shows blinking red lights in the Middle East. So far, the Israeli and American regimes are on one side of the conflict. Although the United States claims to be a supporter of Tel Aviv, not a war arm, the evidence suggests that the United States is approaching a regional war in the Middle East; A campaign that is not like the war in Afghanistan or Iraq, both of which took months of planning and preparation, and then the US and its allies decided the time, place, and scale of the attack! On the other side of this field of Palestinian resistance are the people of Gaza and resistance groups outside the geography of the occupied territories. International observers have warned that due to the all-round support of the US to the Israeli regime, it is not possible to stop other parties from joining the defense of the people of Gaza in the long term, and it is possible that the Axis of resistance in Lebanon, the West Bank, Iraq, Yemen, and Syria will also enter the field at any moment.

Now, due to the increasing complexity of the battlefield and the increase in the possibility of unforeseen events, on the one hand, the Zionist regime, with the full support of the United States, is taking steps to recover its lost identity, it is struggling and carried out the ground operation last night to enter Gaza with this argument, and on the other hand, the unwavering stand of the Palestinian resistance, supported by the rare achievements of the Al-Aqsa storm operation and the failure of the Zionists in the ground operation last night, took the initiative out of the hands of the Zionists so that they can only make their global position more unstable every second by killing women and children.

In the war of wills, which determines the final outcome of the battle, time, like a destructive weapon, has become a factor in the spiritual and psychological defeat of the Zionists. Israel is now in a spiral of failure, and the options for the future are becoming more and more limited, and its success is becoming more reliant on luck than facts.

BY: Mohammad Ghaderi 


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