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Publish Date : 10/26/2023 3:36:08 PM
Regional and global dimensions and implications of the 3+3 summit in Tehran


Regional and global dimensions and implications of the 3+3 summit in Tehran

The ambassador of Iran to the Republic of Azerbaijan expressed his hope that the 3+3 meeting would bring peace and permanent cooperation in the Caucasus region and said: "The Caucasus region has been involved in conflicts and fruitless territorial claims for more than three decades, and a new page must be set in inter-regional relations. "

NOURNEWS- No event can be investigated without considering the time and circumstances in which it took place, and this historical and geographical atmosphere is much more important in political developments.

The 3+3 summit in Tehran was a manifestation and symbol of moving towards regional solutions to solve regional issues within the framework of neighboring countries.

The meeting in which Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan, Armenian Foreign Minister Ararat Mirzoyan, and Azerbaijani Foreign Minister Jeyhun Bayramov were guests of Iran's Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian for reviewing the latest developments in the Caucasus.

Seyyed Abbas Mousavi, Iran's ambassador to the Republic of Azerbaijan, in an exclusive interview with Nournews, examined the various dimensions of this summit from the perspective of global and regional trends and the macro approach of the Islamic Republic of Iran's foreign policy, which is explained below:

The ambassador of Iran in Azerbaijan reminded the importance of the recent Tehran summit and said: "In the global dimension, we are witnessing the final stages of the emergence of a new order in the world, and regionalism, which means the use of regional mechanisms, and this mechanism is one of the prominent features of this emerging order." From this point of view, this summit, which is unique in our region and includes three countries of the Caucasus region and three large neighboring countries of the Caucasus, has a clear message. The important message of this mechanism - which I hope will become a comprehensive organization or structure of political, economic, security, and even cultural cooperation in the future - is that our region is strong and the countries of this region interact with each other despite differences and without the presence and interference of countries and extra-regional forces and can solve their problems and differences, and there is no need for others who, with non-constructive intentions, intend to interfere both in the internal affairs of the countries and in the relations between the countries."

-- The Caucasus region is the new place of conflict between East and West

In another part of this conversation, Mousavi emphasized that the "Caucasus region is the sphere of influence and interests of the countries of this region such as Iran, Russia, etc.", and continued: "It is natural that extra-regional forces, especially America and Europe, seek to impose restrictions for us that can be evaluated in the context of the general conflict between East and West; Therefore, it is necessary to use such mechanisms and at the same time try to resolve inter-regional disputes and not create new problems among ourselves, we should not allow Western countries to gain a foothold in the Caucasus."

In another part of this interview, the Iranian diplomat assessed the 3+3 summit as another step in the regionalism approach of the Islamic Republic of Iran and stated: "This summit can also be examined from the domestic perspective and the country's macro-foreign policies; Because it is in continuation and complementary to the neighbor-oriented approach of the Iranian government, which has been repeatedly confirmed and emphasized by the Supreme Leader. It is not a secret that the Islamic Republic of Iran pursues the policy of reducing existing problems with its neighbors to zero and demands friendly and brotherly relations based on good neighborliness with all 15 of its neighbors. Of course, this issue should be bilateral, and our neighbors should also have something like this on their agenda. According to the circumstances and the evidence, Iran's neighbors also have such a tendency, both strongly and weakly.

Mousavi reminded that; "The Supreme Leader during the government week and while praising the government's foreign policy approach in interacting with the neighbors, ordered that this policy be continued strongly and all differences and conflicts with the neighbors be turned into cooperation," he added: "This general policy of our regional and neighborhood policy, can flow both in bilateral relations with neighbors and in relations between neighbors with each other. We can and should try to resolve differences between neighbors for our own collective interests on the one hand and stop greed and interference of foreign forces on the other hand and turn conflicts into cooperation according to the words of the supreme leader of the revolution.

The message and effects of the Tehran meeting on inter-regional relations in the Caucasus

The ambassador of Iran to the Republic of Azerbaijan assessed the recent meeting as having clear messages for the region and the world and expressed hope that this meeting will bring peace and permanent cooperation in the Caucasus region, and he said: "The Caucasus region has been involved in conflicts and fruitless territorial claims for more than three decades, and it no longer can handle any existing or new conflict anymore, and a new page should be established in inter-regional relations that will benefit everyone."

Emphasizing that "preserving territorial integrity and respecting the national sovereignty of countries and opposing separatism is Iran's principled and inviolable policy," Mousavi said: "The end of occupation and the return of occupied territories or the end of separatist claims in the Caucasus is auspicious and shows It has given that the order based on occupation and claims of separatism and the era of self-proclaimed governments without legitimate support is over, and now it is the turn of peace and permanent cooperation to create a strong and prosperous region.


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