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Publish Date : 10/15/2023 7:57:46 PM
Is the Zionist regime going to be surprised a second time?


Is the Zionist regime going to be surprised a second time?

Although the transfer of light and heavy military equipment and manpower to the border of Gaza and the conduction of tactical and media maneuvers indicate the intention of the Zionist regime to start ground operations in Gaza, from a political and military point of view, engaging in this action is a gamble that the probability of winning it is close to zero.

NOURNEWS- The ninth day has passed since the beginning of the massive and surprising operation of the Palestinian resistance groups against the Zionist regime, while the shocking effects of this surprising event are still clearly visible in the set of behaviors derived from the anger of the Netanyahu government.

It is not an exaggeration if we consider the most important feature of the “Al-Aqsa Storm” operation to be the creation of amazing events in the intelligence, security, and military dimensions for the first time in the past 75 years. The three main axes of the Zionists' demonstration of power, namely “the claim of having elite and intelligence superiority”, “the claim of military superiority” “and the “claim of security impenetrability” collapsed at the same time with the implementation of the Al-Aqsa storm operation, and at least according to the official acknowledgment of the Zionist sources, nearly 1,500 have been killed because of this operation.

The events of the past week also revealed to everyone that, contrary to the mouth-watering claims, the extent of the weakness of the Zionists against the strength of the resistance groups and the will of the Palestinians is too obvious to be covered up with measures such as wild and out of control bombings, false propaganda, and media operations.

This issue has been observed many times in the past days, even in the news and analysis of the Western media, and it has been emphasized that the blind and brutal attacks of the Zionist regime army on Gaza are not due to military power and superiority but rather, these attacks are due to the fundamental weakness and fear of this regime's army for having any direct confrontation with the resistance fighters.

Although it was expected that due to the destructive effects of the Al-Aqsa storm operation on the military and security forces of the Zionist regime, the political and social sphere would be able to take responsibility for the reconstruction and guidance of the government structure by creating consensus and cohesion, but Netanyahu's failure to form “Emergency Government” with the presence of other opponents showed that the disintegration and divergence within Israel's sovereignty are far more serious than the public opinion of the world had imagined.

With these explanations; With a firm belief in this proposition, public opinion of the world is watching the “second surprise” of the resistance in the coming days, and as the massive public demonstrations in support of the Palestinian nation in all parts of the world showed in the past days, they are counting the minutes for it to happen.

In such a situation, in the past few days, to psychologically affect the opposite front, Tel Aviv has been emphasizing the option of land entry into Gaza and is trying to divert the public's mind from its weaknesses and the critical situation of its regime to the issue that is naturally is the subject of special sensitivity and attention of the world and the main actors of Palestinian developments.

Although the transfer of light and heavy military equipment and manpower to the Gaza border and the conduction of tactical and media maneuvers indicate the intention of this regime to conduct ground operations in Gaza, from a political and military perspective, and due to the lack of consensus and sufficient determination in the government as well as the dispersion of Zionist regime’s forces and their lack of morale of the in the West Bank region, the north of the occupied territories and the Golan, practically cannot have a logical justification for this action and Tel Aviv’s attempt to start a ground invasion of Gaza.

On the other hand; While considering the initiative of the Palestinian resistance in the recent developments, the scene has been designed in such a way that there is no option left for Netanyahu's cabinet to restore its lost dignity except for a ground attack on Gaza, and this has led to a collective presumption that Israel has no other option and will be adopting this dangerous strategy and will start a round invasion in Gaza.

Certainly, the Palestinian resistance, as an intelligent movement that succeeded in mocking the mythical invincibility of Israel's intelligence, security, and military apparatus by designing and implementing the Al-Aqsa storm operation, has also thought about the possibility of a ground attack by the Zionist regime and has a plan for it.

According to the inviolable rules of war, the probability of success of a force entering the battle at the time, terrain, and tactics desired by the opponent is very low.

If Israel were to step into Gaza due to the complicated situation in which it is caught, it can be expected that it will fall into a trap that will create a “second surprise and event” for the helpless and disintegrated Zionist regime after the Al-Aqsa storm operation.

BY: Pooya Mirzaei 


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