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Publish Date : 10/12/2023 5:59:54 PM
Biden's latest delusion; Seeing "satanic" images of beheading Israeli children


Biden's latest delusion; Seeing "satanic" images of beheading Israeli children

While rumors and false images of the killing of Israeli women and children are circulating in the media and social networks, the falseness of these claims has become clear, and the mainstream media in the West, fearing the loss of their professional credibility, is withdrawing fake news and walking back on their biased narrations.

NOURNEWS- A few hours after the strange statements of US President Joe Biden in the gathering of Jewish leaders, the White House was once again forced to release a statement to deny Biden's delusions.

On Wednesday evening, the US president claimed to have seen images of horrific and “satanic” violence, far more “horrific” than what had previously been seen by ISIS in Iraq and Syria. Biden's illusions did not end here, and he continued to say: “I never imagined that I would see something like this; Confirmed pictures of children being beheaded by terrorists.”

The story is that the Western mainstream media once again, in continuation of their targeted atmosphere building against the Palestinian resistance forces and with the aim of creating sympathy in the world public opinion regarding the Zionist crimes in Gaza and the Palestinian genocide, had reported that the resistance forces and members of the Martyr Qassam Ezzeddine Battalions beheaded Israeli children in the “Al-Aqsa Storm” operation; a report which the BBC and even the Ministry of Defense of Israel refuted.

In accordance, the Los Angeles Times newspaper, the publisher of false claims about the rape of women in Zionist settlements by the Palestinian resistance forces, wrote: This claim was not proven!

On the other hand, French TV also announced that the video of “keeping Israeli children in cages” which was claimed to be related to Gaza is fake and is related to the crime of ISIS terrorists in Syria (2015).

It is clear that the collection of fake news published in this regard is purposeful, and these reports are in line with the media war of the Western and Hebrew media against the Palestinian resistance forces and to change the place of the oppressor and the oppressed, and it is not unprecedented.

The unprecedented defeat of the Zionist regime against the Palestinian resistance in a real battle, due to the irreparable damage inflicted on Netanyahu and the Zionist extremists, has caused criminals who do not even pay attention to the useless resolutions of the United Nations and in more than 75 years they have committed every crime possible against the Palestinians, and now they are trying to distort the reality and incite the public opinion of the world against the Palestinian people to escape from the humiliating conditions.

The dimensions of violence, wickedness, and brutality of the Zionist regime and the unprecedented crimes committed against the oppressed people of Palestine during the past 75 years are so massive, unconcealable, and inhumane that even if the collective information devices and the Western and Hebrew psychological operation machine will not be able to hide the brutal killing of hundreds of oppressed and innocent Palestinian people in the occupied territories, most of whom were women and children.

BY: Mohammad Ghaderi 


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