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Publish Date : 10/7/2023 10:37:56 AM
The start of the "Al-Aqsa Storm" operation

The start of the "Al-Aqsa Storm" operation

Hours after the announcement of the start of the al-Aqsa storm operation inside the occupied territories by the commander-in-chief of the battalions of Izz ad-Din al-Qassam, the media of the Zionist regime announced the activation of the missile firing warning system in the towns around Gaza and even "Dimona" inside the occupied Palestinian territories.

NOURNEWS- According to latest reports, several Zionists were injured in "Ashkelon". The Zionists describe this volume of attacks as unprecedented. According to the Zionist media, one person was killed in this rocket operation of the Gaza resistance groups.


In today's operation known as Al-Aqsa storm, the Palestinian resistance forces announced the capture of Israeli soldiers and police forces in the vicinity of Gaza. The published images show that the number of wounded people in resistance attacks is high and rising.


The media of the Zionist regime announced that hundreds of rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip towards the nearby Zionist settlements and some areas in the center of the occupied territories.

Following this massive rocket attack, alarm systems have been sounded in Tel Aviv, Rishon LeTsiyon, Rahat and other areas.

The Zionist media also announced that many Zionist cities and towns in the south of occupied Palestine are under the rain of resistance rocket attacks and multiple alarm have been sounded in a large part of the occupied lands from the south to the north.

The Ministry of Defense of the Zionist regime has announced a state of alert to counter the surprise attack of the resistance forces.

The media of the Zionist regime announced that the Minister of Defense of Israel has also agreed to call up the military reserve forces.

Since this morning, after the surprise operation of the resistance forces, the Zionist army has started bombing the Gaza Strip with blind airstrikes.

The Hamas movement has announced that the actions taken are the beginning of the operations of the resistance forces in response to the violence of the Zionist military against the Palestinian people.


- Netanyahu's first reaction to the Al-Aqsa storm operation:

Zionist regime's PM: We are in a full-scale war, we are going to an all-out war and we will be victorious.

He added: Today, Hamas has acted against the government and citizens of Israel and will pay a heavy price for it.

I ask all the Zionist settlers to immediately bring themselves to the recruitment centers of the Israeli army.

We will recapture the cities and towns on Gaza strip.

- Abu Obaidah, spokesman for the Islamic resistance in Gaza:

We ask the people of Quds and the West Bank and the occupied lands of 1948 to come out to support the Al-Aqsa Storm operation, that was launched in response to the uprising of our people in the West Bank and to support Al-Aqsa mosque.

Move towards the bases, checkpoints, and deployment centers of the Zionist enemy and help your children in Gaza.

Our battle continues and the enemy knows nothing about its results and consequences.

Sow terror and nightmares among the ranks of the occupiers, the paper tiger of the Israeli army, which has been attacking our people for years, killing and displacing them, is now collapsing before you, help bring it to its knees.

-Quds battalions announced and said; we are part of this battle and our warriors would stand shoulder to shoulder with our brothers in Qassam battalions until we achieve victory.

News sources report the killing of 50 Zionists (this number will be updated) and the capture of more than 30 Zionist soldiers by the Gaza resistance forces; It has also been said that the Sderot police station has been captured by the Palestinians.

On the other hand, an informed source in the Israeli police announced that Palestinian armed men attacked a police station in Sderot and clashed with its forces. The Palestinian resistance forces also said that they have taken control of Ashkelon prison, and the news indicates that dozens of Palestinian prisoners have been released.

Israeli media also reported that 80 injured people were admitted to Soroka Hospital in Beersheba, and it is said that some of them are in serious condition. Channel 12 of the Zionist regime's TV announced that high-ranking Israeli officials emphasized that a large massacre has taken place in the settlements around the Gaza Strip and that the amount of their casualties is very high.

- Flights at Tel Aviv Ben Gurion Airport have been stopped

The continuation of tension in occupied Palestine and the continued rocket attacks of the Hamas resistance against the occupied territories have led to the suspension of flights at Ben Gurion Airport in Israel.

- Zionist Army: The air attack against the Gaza Strip has begun

Since this morning, after the surprise operation of the resistance forces, the Zionist army has started bombing the Gaza Strip with blind airstrikes. The Zionist army code-named its aerial operation against the Gaza Strip “Iron Sword”.

The spokesman of the Zionist army admitted that the Al Aqsa storm operation was carried out this morning from the air, land, and sea, we need thousands of security forces.

- Hamas called today the “Day of Revolution”.

At the same time, the Zionist newspaper “The Times of Israel” quoted Hamas’s commander “Mohammed Deif” and wrote: Today is the day of the great revolution. According to this report, this Hamas commander also asked all Palestinians and Arabs living in the occupied territories to take up arms and join the resistance.T

-The air base of the Israeli regime has been evacuated

While fearing the operation of the Gaza resistance, the Zionist regime is evacuating its airbases around the Gaza Strip after today's scandal and their defeat in fighting against the Al Aqsa storm operation, which left dozens of dead, wounded, and captured.

- The reaction of “Yoav Gallant”, the defense minister of the Zionist regime, to the surprise attacks of the resistance

After being surprised by the all-round and complex operation of “Al-Aqsa Storm”, the minister of defense of the Zionist regime said in his first official reaction: “Hamas made a very bad strategic mistake.” We will have a hard revenge. We will bomb Hamas centers and Gaza will pay a heavy price!”


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