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Publish Date : 9/19/2023 11:41:39 AM
The reason for America's contradictory approach of "interaction and intervention" policy towards Iran


The reason for America's contradictory approach of "interaction and intervention" policy towards Iran

Although Washington's interventionist nature has not changed, and it still tries to maintain its prestige in the media-propaganda arena, but as it is evident in various cases, the US has no choice but to accept the power and authority of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the international stage.

NOURNEWS- Since about a week or two ago, several issues related to Iran's internal developments and foreign cases have become the main subject of Western authorities and media, and their investigation is of great importance when we consider the developments facing the country in the coming days and months.

From the implementation of the prisoner exchange process and the release of Iran's foreign exchange resources which were frozen and blocked, the holding of the quarterly meeting of the Agency's Board of Governors and the deadline for the lifting of missile sanctions on October 18, to speculations about the resumption of the sanctions lifting process, president of Iran’s trip to New York, the anniversary of last year's riots and the end Iran's deadline to the Iraqi government regarding terrorist groups residing in the Kurdistan Region is one of the most important issues.

Although on the surface each of these cases is related to a specific and rather and separate field, but the way Westerners look at issues related to Iran and their insistence on confusing on these issues with the aim of mutually influencing each other, practically confirms the proposition that although they have been forced to accept the demands of the Islamic Republic of Iran for several reasons in every one of these cases, but the Western countries are still not willing to change their interventionist behavior.

A cursory review of the events and developments of the past year clearly confirms the analysis that the US and its European allies, in confrontation with Iran, have reached a point where, in order to preserve their reputation and prestige, they have no other choice but making noise and propaganda in the appearance and acceptance of trends which are in Iran's interests in various cases.

In September of last year, after about ten months had passed since the beginning of the talks on lifting the sanctions, despite the finalization of the negotiations and the so-called “September document”, the Western countries stopped the process of talks under the pretext of holding midterm elections of the Congress, which was an excuse to go on with their project for creating chaos and subversion in Iran.

They expected at least two results from the implementation of this project, which was accompanied by the heaviest media logistics and intelligence-operational designs, as well as making false claims about Iran's participation in the Ukraine war for the benefit of Russia, so that they could lose their lower hand in the negotiations and gain the upper hand:

First; The split and internal polarization that led to the reduction of Iran’s government social capital and the weakening of governance.

Second; Iran's isolation in the international community, which will lead to the forced acceptance of the excesses and demands of the West.

In the middle of the road, however, it gradually became clear that Europe and the US, have once again miscalculated the situation regarding Iran and that their scenario would not lead to their desired result, so first, the US, and then some European leaders sent messages with the theme of returning to the negotiating table for resuming the said talks.

This withdrawal occurred while the Islamic Republic of Iran not only strengthened the components of its power with the help of resistance, intelligence and national cohesion, but also made unique regional and extra-regional movements in the field of foreign policy, which made the West’s project of isolating fail.

The acceptance of the Americans regarding the agreement on the exchange of prisoners and the release of Iran’s frozen assets, which clearly caused the anger of the anti-revolutionary and subversive currents, and the acceptance of the continuation of negotiations to lift the sanctions based on the September document, were among the first operational results of this process.

However; In the aforementioned circumstances, the Western-Zionist think tanks decided to turn at least three issues into a tool to intensify new pressures on Iran a few months ago:

First; The anniversary of the riots was a suitable subject for Westerners to reproduce chaos and insecurity in the political, field and media stages. The large volume of equipping terrorist elements inside of Iran with all kinds of hot and cold weapons with the aim of killing, large-scale media productions in the Persian-language media outlets of opposition with the aim of inciting public opinion and the interventionist positions of the European-American authorities, such as what was proposed in the MAHSA act or the ban on the entry of Ayatollah Raisi to New York with The aim of inducing global solidarity against Iran were all done and are examples of this strategy.

Second; The quarterly meeting of the Board of Governors of the International Atomic Energy Agency was another subject which, according to the Westerners, was considered a great opportunity in this direction. They, who were not able to issue an anti-Iranian resolution due to Iran's deterrence and responsiveness on the one hand and the failure of the isolation project on the other hand, by issuing three separate statements, tried to make Iran look like an undesirable element in the eyes of the global public opinion while maintaining their prestige.

Third; The end of the eighth year of the JCPOA and the automatic lifting of missile and nuclear sanctions on October 18 of this year, according to the sunset clauses of the JCPOA and Security Council Resolution 2231, was another issue that the EU and three European countries in particular wanted to use against Iran in a desperate attempt to advertise, and therefore they issued a statement with the content of opposing this process, unaware that this statement not only does not have an effective legal effect on the automatic removal of these sanctions, but will also be a seal of approval for the violation of the JCPOA by the Europeans.

After these developments, we can at least be certain about two propositions;

Foremost; There has been no change in the nature of the crisis creating and the aggressive and interventionist nature of the domination world system, and as the nature of liberal-capitalism dictates, wherever and whenever its interest requires, it can, and it will use all kinds of tools to create a crisis and intensify the pressure on others.

Secondly; Wherever and whenever the West does not spend or does not gain anything from creating crisis and pressure, it will inevitably turn to negotiation and in this way, if it does not have enough power, it will inevitably give in to the other party's wishes.

It goes without saying; Regardless of the declining conditions of the American-led liberal-capitalist system in the new world order that is being formed in the field of international relations, although Washington's interventionist nature has not changed, and it still tries to maintain its prestige in the media-propaganda arena, but as it is evident in various cases, the US has no choice but to accept the power and authority of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the international stage.

This proposition is clear evidence of the logic that the wise and Supreme leader of Iran said based on it; If we reach the top, the enmity of our enemies will end.

BY: Pooya Mirzaei 


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