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Publish Date : 9/17/2023 7:00:16 AM
The disaster of sending depleted uranium ammunition to Ukraine; does Guterres and Grossi have any explanation?


The disaster of sending depleted uranium ammunition to Ukraine; does Guterres and Grossi have any explanation?

The UN and the IAEA do not even publish their findings regarding the biological and genetic risks caused by the use of depleted uranium ammunition because of their fear of Washington and London, because of this two international institute fearfulness, the path to transfer this dangerous ammunition to Ukraine is open based on NATO's decisions!

NOURNEWS- On 2 September, after the US announced it would present a new military package to Ukraine, Reuters claimed in its exclusive reports to have received the approval and certainty of news from two senior American officials and wrote: Biden's administration has decided to send anti-armor ammunition containing depleted uranium to Ukraine.

At the same time, an American official told Reuters that the latest US military aid package to Ukraine will be worth between 240 and 374 million dollars.

A few days later, the US Department of Defense confirmed this news and announced that Washington will transfer depleted uranium projectiles to Ukraine as part of a $175 million aid package. This ammunition will be used in American Abrams tanks.

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine also announced that it will receive depleted uranium ammunition to be use in American Abrams tanks from the US.

At the beginning of April this year, the British Ministry of Defense admitted that it had provided the shells containing depleted uranium to the Ukrainian army.

America and Britain have announced; they will supply depleted uranium tank shells to Ukraine to be used in Abrams tanks.

This action by Washington and London will mean that their efforts will drag the war to future generations in Russia and Ukraine because the consequences of this issue will affect the environmental, physical and even genetic health of people.

Meanwhile, the Western media is deliberately trying to use the term “fully depleted uranium” instead of “weakened uranium”, to reduce the depth of the disaster and to resolve the real concerns about their use.

The point is that; Depleted uranium is the same natural uranium that has only lost some of its radioactive material and about 40% of its radioactive character and power still remains.

Uranium is a very dense metal, so depleted uranium can strengthen the armor of tanks. It can also be placed on cartridge tips, mortar rounds, and tank rounds to penetrate normal tank armor.

These types of bullets become sharper on impact, which increases their ability to penetrate armor and ignite upon contact.

The horrible results of the use of these bullets by the US and Britain in the two Persian Gulf wars in the 90s, the Balkan war and the invasion of Iraq in 2002 still affect the people of these countries, the invading soldiers and of course the environment to this day, however, very few media In the West talk about the effects and consequences of citizens being exposed to the effects of these radioactive materials or atomic waste!

It is obvious that if these destructive substances are used, the current generation and even the next generations in Russia and Ukraine will be exposed to the dangers and hazards caused by the remains of these substances, and the ecology of these areas will also be impacted by its radiations for years to come.

The insistence of the US and the UK to go on with this crime, is rooted in their awareness of the chaotic situation in Ukraine and the real circumstances of the Ukraine raw, because Washington and London plan to transfer part of the destructive weapons and depleted uranium ammunition to Ukraine before the peace talks are set, with the aim of reproducing the crisis in the future.

The haste of senior NATO members to transfer 120 mm depleted uranium tubes to Ukraine can be analyzed in the same light.

Another worrisome point is the silence of international institutions, especially the UN and the IAEA, regarding the obvious human crimes of Britain and the US.

The UN Scientific Committee claims that exposure to depleted uranium does not cause significant poisoning, but it has its own effects and consequences!

In contrast, according to researches by the IAEA; People who work with, breathe and live near parts of depleted uranium shells will face complications and consequences.

As seen, the UN and the IAEA do not even publish their data and definite findings regarding the biological and genetic hazards caused by the concentration of nuclear waste (depleted uranium) because of their fear of Washington and London in an absolute and definitive manner, so that the path of transfer of depleted uranium ammunition to Ukraine is open based on NATO decisions!

On the other hand; This behavior of the US and Britain and the silence of the world's custodian institutions takes place while in the meantime, after the unilateral withdrawal of the US from the JCPOA, the world is again witnessing the violation of the JCPOA agreement by the European Union and three European countries against Iran, where they are using double standards and under the pretext of The lie of Iran's non-compliance with the provisions of the JCPOA and safeguards, they have announced in a statement that they will not implement the end of the sanctions of the eighth year of the JCPOA on October 18!

With these explanations; Will Guterres and Grossi have an explanation for the current generation and future generations for their silence and complicity with America and England's crime against humanity?!

BY: Pooya Mirzaei 


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