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Publish Date : 8/4/2023 4:11:25 PM
The double standards of the western media in the hottest summer in history!


The double standards of the western media in the hottest summer in history!

The way of which the western media reacted to the world's hot summer and climate crises, expresses the repetition of political ambivalence and abuses to divert public opinion.

NOURNEWS- The heatwave has covered most parts of the world in recent weeks, in a way that in many countries, in addition to health and environmental warnings, governments have emphasized the need for everyone's participation to overcome the aforementioned conditions by saving water and energy consumption.

According to environmental experts, a major part of the aforementioned process, which has resulted in a wave of forest fires and wildfires and the reduction or drying up of dams, rivers and other water resources, is caused by climate changes, especially under the influence of the excessive expansion of industrial and factory activities and the intensification of greenhouse gas production, of course, industrialized countries still do not bear the burden of their responsibility in this regard!

Meanwhile, the way of which the western media reacted to the world's hot summer and climate crises, expresses the repetition of political ambivalence and abuses to divert public opinion.

For example; In recent weeks, the Persian-language based oppositions media has covered topics such as heat, water shortage, electricity supply, forest fires, climate changes, etc. In different regions of Iran, disappointing people about the present and future of the country, inciting public opinion in certain areas of Iran and Induction has been the negligence of the authorities.

By presenting the Islamic Republic of Iran and its officials as the culprit for the aforementioned weather conditions, these media are trying to update the inflammatory scenario and create a gap between the people and the government, while inciting ethnic faults and creating social and security tensions.

Among the strategies used in this regard is the massive repetition of dark, saddening and disappointing headlines and images, such as: "People are fighting against the raging fire with their bare hands / People's efforts to extinguish the wild fires of forests of Marivan without any equipment or any help from the authorities / haze and weather pollution has sent 20 thousand people in South Khorasan to the hospital / Residents of Tehran have breathed polluted air for 19 days in July / Storm in Sistan sent 1,200 people to the hospital / Houses only have drinking water for a few hours a day / Lake Urmia will dry up in two months and... »

The point is; With severe censorship of the actions of the government and responsible institutions, these media have not published the slightest news about extensive efforts to serve the people and reduce the country's problems, and without any reference to the universality of climate crises and the fact that Iran is located in a dry and low-rainfall region, they seek Turning this issue into a political and security issue.

In contrast, but; The same media have taken a completely different approach in processing the climatic developments in the West and although they cover the news related to it in appearance, the keywords, titles and images used in these reports firstly have a promising approach and secondly the main issue is a natural thing, and they induce it without any relation to the governments!

The expressions used in the report of these media about climate changes in Western countries, in comparison with what is highlighted about Iran, are indicative of this dual standard: "Climate changes have become so severe that it seems that the weather has become wild. From sudden floods to unprecedented scorching heat. "Meteorological experts say that this is the beginning of the El Nino phenomenon, which has unusually affected the situation in many regions."

At the same time, these media consider the requests of Iranian governmental institutes to people to save water and electricity consumption as a sign of the inefficiency and weakness of the government and even encourage the audience to use electricity and water indiscriminately to attack the government, while calling the warnings and fines imposed by the Western governments against their own citizens as initiative and a measure to support the people!

Another widely used technique of Western media under their double standards is "normalization" in their own countries and "crisis induction" in countries including Iran, as in the news processing of the water crisis, extreme heat and fires of forests and pastures in the West, on the keyword "seasonal" It is emphasized and the aid and efforts of the western governments are magnified, but for example, the same keyword has been censored in the report of storms in Sistan and Baluchistan!

In any case, what is certain is that; The use of the dominating world system's media from different cognitive warfare techniques to surf every issue and incident is one of the most important strategic pillars of combined wars and the fourth wave war, which tries to manage the audience's mind in line with its goal by establishing an abstract connection between various developments in different layers.

to describe it more precisely; The creation and deepening of socio-political faults between the people and the ruling government, followed by the weakening of governance and the reduction of the social capital of the government, is the most important goal that the media and propaganda machine of the West pursues against independent systems, such as the nation of Iran.

Obviously, in such a context, the death of 61,000 people in Europe due to heat in the summer of 2022 and the death of 68,000 people in Europe due to the cold last winter will be seen as normal, but at the same time, the problems caused by climatic dehydration or monsoon storms and, or a few days of gas and electricity outages in a small part of a big country like Iran are magnified and cited as a reason for the inefficiency of the government!

BY: Mohammad Ghaderi 


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