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Publish Date : 9/14/2023 8:46:08 AM
Zelensky's achievement in Lithuania; Falling two levels!


Zelensky's achievement in Lithuania; Falling two levels!

The president of Ukraine saw a two-level fall in Lithuania; Transitioning from "Ukraine’s permanent membership in NATO" to "formation of the cooperation council"!

NOURNEWS- Despite all the grievances and signs showed by the president of Ukraine to the member states of the North Atlantic defensive Treaty in protest against his country's non-membership in NATO, he was practically humiliated at the NATO’s meeting in Lithuanian.

Contrary to what some pro-Zelensky media in Ukraine and Europe suggested, the outcome of the Lithuanian meeting was not to pave the way for Kyiv's membership in the NATO.

At the Lithuania meeting, Zelensky focused on two options: "definite membership in NATO" or "priority-based partnership in NATO", but none of these two options happened.

NATO’s officials only agreed to form the "Ukraine-NATO Cooperation Council" and nothing more! In other words, even the Americans and Europeans (Atlanticists) did not consider Ukraine as a "priority partner".

In other word; The president of Ukraine saw a two-level fall in Lithuania; Transitioning from "Ukraine’s permanent membership in NATO" to "formation of the cooperation council"!

The important condition of Ukraine's membership in NATO, that is, the agreement of all the members of this Treaty with Ukraine’s membership request, bus this condition will not happen in practice, because some countries such as Hungary, France and Austria have explicitly declared their opposition to this process.

In the meantime, Zelensky's voice of protest does not and will not reach the ears of leaders of NATO. Volodymyr Zelensky, in a recent speech in the center of Vilnius next to the leader of Lithuania, claimed that his country will make NATO stronger.

Lithuania, along with several other Eastern and Central European countries, has been one of the staunch allies of Ukraine in the war. Government and media sources of Ukraine have considered the announcement of Western aid to this country during the war at the Lithuanian meeting as a kind of propaganda show with no strategic importance.

Germany has announced that, this country will help Ukraine with another military package worth 700 million euros.

The Federal Minister of Defense of Germany, Boris Pistorius announced that this aid package includes two Patriot missile launcher systems, 25 1 A5 Leopard tanks, 40 Marder infantry fighting vehicles, 20,000 cannonballs and 5,000 smoke weapons.

In recent days, many analysts of military and security issues in Europe refer to the Lithuanian meeting as a revealing point of Ukraine's failure and retreat, and even the apparent effort of people like Jens Stoltenberg, the Norwegian Secretary General of NATO, to justify Ukraine’s president’s discomfort has not been able to accomplish anything!

Ukraine’s membership in NATO and even partnership with the Americans and Europeans (Atlanticists) is not going to work either during the war or after. This is the worst possible news for the president of Ukraine and other pro-Westerners of this country.

It is not without reason that American officials have asked Zelensky (in a warning tone) to stop his criticism of Washington and other member states of NATO.

In any case, the Lithuanian meeting is a revealing point of many differences that have arisen between NATO and Ukraine. Contrary to what is implied by pro-Western Media outlets, this story is not so complicated!

NATO has clearly broken its promises to the Ukrainian government and its president regarding the acceptance of Kyiv into the North Atlantic Treaty. It is emphasized that such a process is not going to be completed in the near future, even if the war in Ukraine ends today!

BY: Pooya Mirzaei 


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