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Publish Date : 6/27/2023 11:54:34 AM
!Repeating Zelenskyy's mistake in Stockholm


!Repeating Zelenskyy's mistake in Stockholm

The recent action of the US in Sweden shows that Washington intends to turn Northern Europe and Scandinavia into its new playing field against Moscow.

NOURNEWS - Five days ago, Washington sent its bombers Sweden for the first time for a joint exercise with this country, in an action that its first message is to Russia. Meanwhile, Turkey still prevents Sweden from joining NATO.

Louise Levin, the spokesperson of the Swedish Air Force, said: Two American Rockwell B-1B Lancer fighter planes landed at Lulea Kallax Airport in northern Sweden to conduct a joint exercise between the Air Force and the Army of Sweden with the strike force of these American bombers.

Certainly, Stockholm's game in the Washington’s playing field in the security and political fields will generate conflicts in the Scandinavian region in the near future, which will be paid for by countries such as Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland.

In other words, instead of protecting its unique economic and welfare structures, Sweden has made them part of its anti-security game on American’s playing field.

Maybe under the influence of NATO's propaganda and psychological game, it is still not easy for Swedish citizens to fully understand this issue, but Sweden has sacrificed its welfare and internal infrastructure to participate in a conflict whose costs will be paid by Stockholm and not by Washington.

The recent action of the US in Sweden shows that Washington intends to turn Northern Europe and Scandinavia into its new playing field against Moscow. But this confrontation may not remain at the managed level and only in the area of ​​deterrence, if this happens, this will become the worst possible news for NATO supporters in Sweden.

Regardless; This is the first time in Sweden's modern history that American warplanes have landed in this country, and the Swedish army has emphasized and claimed that; While we wait for NATO membership, it is important to have strong partners and partnerships.

This claim is made while some Swedish groups and parties have warned about the consequences of the country's officials playing and blindly following the White House’s strategies and their country's membership in the NATO defensive treaty.

Ulf Kristersson, Prime Minister of Sweden had previously agreed to the deployment of NATO forces and its equipment on Swedish soil, as he believed that the presence of these forces should play a preventive role against possible Russian actions.

Although Kristersson called this plan a "clear message to Russia" and a move to strengthen Sweden's defense capability, the truth is that the Sweden is repeating the big mistake that Ukraine and the Zelenskyy government made.

Turning Swedish soil into a field of operations for NATO and especially American forces will definitely not remain unanswered by Russia, and in this case, Sweden will definitely become a victim of its self-made conflict. After decades of non-commitment, Sweden and Finland applied for NATO membership in May 2022 under the influence of Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

This request must be approved by all 31 member countries of NATO treaty, but although Finland was accepted as a NATO member in the beginning of April, Sweden's request has so far been blocked due to the opposition of Turkey and Hungary.

BY: Pooya Mirzaei


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