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Publish Date : 6/10/2023 6:42:09 AM
Having the upper hand at the negotiating table, America's new excuse for the continuation of the war in Ukraine


Having the upper hand at the negotiating table, America's new excuse for the continuation of the war in Ukraine

Jake Sullivan has announced: Washington intends to help Kyiv to make as much progress as possible on the battlefield against Russia, so finally, Ukraine would be able to have the most favorable position at the table of future peace negotiations!

NOURNEWS - The war in Ukraine has entered a new and intensified phase with the recent drone attacks by Ukrainians on the Kremlin Palace and the recent counter-attacks by Kyiv on urban areas and facilities. On the other hand, the extensive Russian airstrikes against Ukrainian positions, are all signs of the quarrel between the parties getting worse than before, the scope of the war and the conflict will get wider.

In such circumstances, some Western leaders' positions towards the why of the matter for Europe and the US should help Kyiv are worthy of consideration, as "Josep Borrell" head of the Foreign Affairs and Security Policy of EU admitted in a statement that if the Western arms support to Ukraine is stopped, the war will end!

He said: Brussels cannot stop military aid to Ukraine because we do not want to reach peace based on surrender!

At the same time, "Jake Sullivan", the US national security advisor, also announced: the events that are happening on the battlefield will have a significant impact on the negotiation process. Washington intends to help Kyiv to make as much progress as possible on the battlefield against Russia, so finally, Ukraine would be able to have the most favorable position at the table of future peace negotiations!

The Western official's statements are being said while Western countries themselves claimed that the extensive support of Kyiv could lead to the defeat of Russia and the security of the West, and finally the return of Ukraine to its pre-war borders.

Of course, such statements did not last long and eventually people like "Henry Kissinger" stated that areas like Crimea and even many places occupied by the Russians will not return to Ukraine and Kyiv should accept this fact.

At times, the West claimed that the fate of this war with the defeat of Russia could become the basis for Ukraine's membership in NATO, while this justification for sending weapons to Ukraine did not last long, as German Foreign Minister, Annalena Baerbock recently stated on behalf of United Europe, Ukraine's membership in NATO is impossible.

On the other hand; In recent weeks, the slogan of Ukraine's counter-offensive to recapture the lost territories has become an excuse for the West to send more weapons and military and financial aid to Kyiv, although in order to justify public opinion and maintain the claim of neutrality in the war, on the proposition that "Ukraine does not have the right to use Western weaponry to attack Russian territory."

In this context, the Council of Europe has agreed to provide another 1 billion euros ($1.1 billion) in military aid to Ukraine, which includes 155 mm caliber artillery shells and missiles produced in Europe.

On the other hand; Mark Milley, the US Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, claimed that Ukraine is well prepared for a counterattack to retake its territory from Russian forces. Jake Sullivan, emphasizing America's support for Ukraine, announced that Kyiv has the ability to reclaim its territory from Russia.

At the same time, in the continuation of the media show of the power by the Kyiv authorities, "Dmytro Kuleba", Ukraine's minister of foreign affairs, said; This country has enough weapons to start its war against Russia.

Hanna Maliar, Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine, also claimed that the country's military forces are "changing to an aggressive mode" in some areas.

In the meantime; Western media are also busy covering what they call the offensive power of Ukraine, as the BBC in a grandiose report quoting the Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine claims that Ukrainian forces have advanced in several directions in the city of Bakhmut to more than one and a half kilometers, and Russian forces in the south are also in defensive mode.

At the same time as these movements, "James Cleverly", Britain's minister of foreign affairs, during his trip to Kyiv, once again emphasized his country's support for Ukraine.

Although the Westerners' goal with this type of behavior and extensive media coverage is to show Ukraine as a superhero and Russia as a villain, the field facts reveal the truth behind these claims, and the reports show the successive defeats of the Ukrainians and the destruction of Western weapons and systems in Ukraine.

In the meantime, the widespread reaction of the Westerners to the destruction of the dam and the electric-hydro power plant of the city of "Nova Kakhovka" by blaming Russia is worthy of consideration.

Charles Michel, president of the European Council, wrote in response to this explosion: "The destruction of civilian infrastructure clearly falls under the category of war crimes, and we will hold Russia and its proxies responsible for it."

Jens Stoltenberg, Secretary General of NATO also called this explosion a shameful act that once again showed Russia's brutality in the war with Ukraine.

These types of reactions should be seen as a sign of the West's awareness of the failure of the alleged scenario of supporting Ukraine to recover the lost lands, which they seek to cover up with marginal approaches and baseless accusations against Russia.

While considering the propaganda nature of Ukraine's counterattack against Russia was predictable in advance, it can be said that Europe and the US, in a preemptive action, have shown Kyiv the mirage of "Ukraine's upper hand in peace negotiations" to complete the puzzle pieces of their new scenario for the continuation of the war.

in other words; The West, which once claimed to help Ukraine to win the war against Russia and lay the groundwork for its membership in NATO, today, with the failure of their previous scenarios, Western countries claim that their intensified interference in the Ukraine war is to lay the groundwork for peace with the focus of securing Ukraine's interests.

Meanwhile, in the real world, the practical actions of the West to send more weapons to Kyiv actually put more locks on the doors of negotiations and peace and intensify the atmosphere of war more than before.

The recent statements of "Robert Kennedy Jr" who said; "the US has turned all of Ukraine into centers of biological weapons", making the dangerous consequences of the West's ominous plan in Ukraine for the security of the world even more obvious.

BY: Mohammad Ghaderi



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