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Publish Date : 5/21/2023 11:56:14 AM
Zelenskyy's beggar purs and the contradiction of behavior and speech of the West!


Zelenskyy's beggar purs and the contradiction of behavior and speech of the West!

At the same time, while sending conditional military aid to Kyiv, the Europeans, in a remarkable move, rejected Ukraine's president's request to address tens of millions of viewers at the Eurovision Song Contest final and did not allow him to address public opinion.
NOURNEWS - Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the president of Ukraine, made a periodic trip to European countries during the last week, and after visiting Italy and the Vatican, he went to Germany, then France and England. Zelenskyy, who is still immersed in the same fake gestures and behaviors of his acting days and behaves as if he wants to attract the attention of prominent directors and producers in the world, including in Hollywood, uses the same strategies and focus on collecting military and monetary aid from European countries. On each of the destinations of his planned trip, he receives promises of arms aid, even the Italian Prime Minister emphasized the full support of Ukraine in terms of military, financial, humanitarian aid, and reconstruction of Ukraine in the short and long term. During Ukraine's president's trip to Germany, Berlin announced a new military aid package for Ukraine worth more than 2.7 billion euros (three billion dollars), including tanks, anti-aircraft systems, and ammunition. Late on Sunday, Zelenskyy met with his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron on an unexpected trip to France, and after a three-hour dinner, the French president pledged in a joint statement to provide dozens more armored vehicles to Kyiv. Zelenskyy then left for England, while before that, London, by continuing its warlike policies, announced in a statement that the British Prime minister will announce a new package of military support for Ukraine in a meeting with the President of Ukraine. Meanwhile, Ursula von der Leyen, the President of the European Commission introduced the people of Ukraine as the winners of the Charlemagne Award while giving this reward to Ukraine's president, although according to the available documents, Zelenskyy is more interested in collecting wealth and depositing Western countries financial aids to his bank accounts than supporting the people of Ukraine. But of course, the contradiction between the West's propaganda and practical behavior has been revealed to everyone, as the French president, who claimed all-round support for Kyiv in his meeting with his Ukrainian counterpart, immediately stated in a media interview; Weapons capable of firing at Russia will not be given to Ukraine! Before him, the German authorities had warned Kyiv that European weapons should not be used to attack Russia and these arms aid only have a defensive aspect and must be used accordingly. These warnings, esteem from Europe's fear of a direct confrontation with Russia and the consequences of Moscow's practical response against these aggressions, were such that Ukraine's president backed away from his past claims in order to satisfy the West and said; Ukraine is preparing a counter-offensive to liberate "territories occupied" by Russia, not a direct attack against the Russia. At the same time, while making military aid to Kyiv conditional, the Europeans, in a remarkable move, rejected Zelensky's request to address tens of millions of viewers at the Eurovision Song Contest final and did not allow him to address public opinion. In the meantime; "Josep Borrell", the head of the European Union's foreign policy, said; Due to economic problems, most European countries want to deal with their internal problems instead of helping Ukraine, but if the aid to Ukraine stops, Kyiv will fall and lose the ongoing war. These words show that contrary to Ukraine's president's claims, not only is Europe's aid conditional and finite, but Europe's goal is not to win the war on behalf of Ukraine but, rather to support it to the extent that Kyiv does not fall and continues to play the role of a victim for Western policies against Russia. Not allowing Zelenskyy to speak at Eurovision is not only caused by Western leaders' fear of popular opposition to the war in Ukraine, but it also sends a clear message to Zelenskyy that European aid is limited. To be more precise; What should be noted in the behavior of the West towards Ukraine is not the propaganda and other politically created claims of the European authorities in their meetings with Zelenskyy, but rather, we must focus our attention on their practical behavior in refusing to accept his request to speak at the Eurovision final ceremony, which shows the West's mercenary point of view of Ukraine as a bait and a victim against Russia. Ukraine is a pawn in Western politics to be used against Russia. The most important point to make is; Zelenskyy's Hollywood ambitions and fantasies have become the basis for this behavior of the Europeans, and millions of Ukrainian people are paying the price for it with their lives and property without any positive achievements or any attainable progress. BY: Pooya Mirzaei

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