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Publish Date : 4/15/2023 5:09:32 AM
The reasons for America's anger about Iran, China and Saudi agreements


The reasons for America's anger about Iran, China and Saudi agreements

The links that are being formed in the region will not only disrupt the large profits of the American arms trade, but with the regionalization of security, while moving towards the end of the Western military presence in the region, it will deal a severe blow to their hegemony.
NOURNEWS - "Hossein Amirabdollahian" and "Faisal Bin Farhan", the foreign ministers of the Islamic Republic of Iran and Saudi Arabia, met and discussed officially in Beijing on Thursday, April 6, after seven years. While agreeing to reopen the representative offices of the two countries at the agreed time, the parties emphasized their readiness to eliminate the obstacles facing the expansion of cooperation. China, while welcoming this agreement, announced its readiness to realize the goals of these agreements as soon as possible. At the same time, these agreements have been welcomed by many countries and they have considered it as the basis for new developments in the region and the world, and the reaction of the Americans to this agreement is worthy of reflection. The Wall Street Journal, in a report published on Thursday, referring to the recent uncoordinated visit of the head of the CIA to Saudi Arabia and meeting with the country's officials and his intelligence counterparts, reported that "William Burns" in these meetings, compared to the recent rapprochement of Riyadh and Iran with Chinese mediation has expressed concern. On the other hand, "Vedant Patel", the deputy spokesperson of the US Ministry of Foreign Affairs claimed; The United States considers Tehran a threat and doubts the change of behavior of the Iranian government. He said: If the talks between Iran and Saudi Arabia lead to actions by Tehran that will ultimately limit the destabilizing behavior of the Iranian government, including the proliferation of dangerous weapons, the United States will also welcome the process and outcome of these talks. This type of behavior shows America's fear of the new world order and the revelation of the decline of the capitalist system and unilateralism of the West in the world arena, which is happening with the role of emerging powers such as China, Iran, Russia, India, etc. In this regard; Fox News has considered the agreement between Iran and Saudi Arabia not only to be the cause of the flourishing of complex relations in West Asia, but also to indicate a change in the direction of foreign policy in the world affected by the tense relations between the United States and China. CBS also considered the agreement between Riyadh and Tehran to be mediated by China as an important diplomatic victory for China in a situation where the Arab countries of the Persian Gulf have come to the conclusion that the United States is slowly withdrawing from the region. This concern becomes more intense when Arab countries, including Saudi Arabia, along with Russia, supported the reduction of OPEC+ oil production, which led to an increase in oil prices. Also, there are reports about the docking of a Russian cruiser in the waters of Saudi Arabia, as the Ministry of Defense of Russia says that a warship of this country has entered Saudi Arabia for the first time in the last 10 years and docked in the port of Jeddah. In addition to the Admiral Gorshkov warship, the Russian oil tanker Kama has also arrived in Jeddah, and both left Saudi waters at the same time. according to this; The process of developments shows that even America's allies no longer trust this country and are looking for new partners on the world stage. Another dimension of America's concern about the meeting between the foreign ministers of Iran and Saudi Arabia can be found in the effects and results of the convergence of the two countries on regional equations. America, which tried to push the Arab countries to compromise with the Zionist regime and create a united front in the form of a single security umbrella against Iran with Iranophobia and weapons and political promises, today sees its dreams shattered. On the other hand, the ties that are being formed in the region, on the one hand, will disrupt the large profits of the American arms trade, and on the other hand, with the regionalization of security, while moving towards the end of the military presence of the United States and its allies in the affected region. It will severely affect American hegemony. Also, by ending the compromise process, these links can make the Islamic world more united in supporting Palestine. Yediot Aharanot newspaper announced in an explicit report in this regard; The agreement between Iran and Saudi Arabia means the collapse of the defense wall that Israel wanted to build for itself. This issue, along with the internal crisis of the Zionist regime and the inability of American statesmen to maintain this regime, can have negative effects on the 2024 American elections and weaken the position of the Democrats and Biden himself. The desire of Arab countries to revive and develop relations with Syria, such as the visit of Emirati officials, representatives of Arab parliaments, the Egyptian foreign minister, etc. to Damascus, as well as the visit of "Bashar Assad" to Oman and the UAE and the presence of Syrian Foreign Minister "Faisal Miqdad" in Egypt. Along with the announcement of Saudi Arabia's readiness to reopen its offices in Syria and even a possible invitation to Assad for the upcoming meeting of the heads of the Arab League, this is a clear evidence of the recent developments. This issue is so heavy for America that by issuing a statement, it emphasized the non-change of Washington's position towards Syria, and in order to demonstrate this claim and show its anger about these relations, it bombarded the positions of Syrian forces and fighters against terrorism in this country. In other words; The positions of people like the head of the CIA organization and their anger at the development of Iran-Saudi relations originate from the serious concern of the United States about security-building and stability-creating transformations in the region and the international system without the role of the United States. Today, the agreements and successful performance of countries such as Iran, Saudi Arabia and China have demonstrated a new order that can be repeated in other regions of the world in the not too distant future. This process, along with the global approach to eliminate the dollar, can be a heavy blow to the alleged economic and political hegemony of the United States after the decline of their military power (running away from Afghanistan and being unable to fight in Ukraine). BY: Mohammad Ghaderi

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