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Publish Date : 2/6/2023 6:36:47 AM
Projection of the West on the issue of the war in Ukraine with staging against Iran!


Projection of the West on the issue of the war in Ukraine with staging against Iran!

The West's failure in the Ukraine project has led them to pull themselves out of this mess by inducing Iran's involvement in the Ukraine war and linking it to what they call Iran's anti-human rights behavior and distracting the world's public opinion from the truth.

NOURNEWS - Before the recent riots in Iran, the world's media space was focused on this area due to the extensive economic, social, political and security consequences of the war in Ukraine.

Western media tried to remove Russia from the field of active acting in the international system forever by launching a fourth wave war against Russia and sending a mass of the most modern offensive and defensive equipment to Ukraine.

These actions practically failed due to various reasons, including the lack of cooperation from other influential countries in the world, especially China, India, etc., as well as Russia's active role in the energy issue and the support of energy-producing countries that are allies of the United States, and this proxy war could not achieve any expected results for the West.

Now Russia has reached an important part of its field goals and has managed to create a gap between Europe and America on the one hand and America with its other allies (Arabia, Turkey, etc.).

The people and officials of Ukraine, who bear the most financial and human costs, have become demoralized, disillusioned and tired, and have lost the motivation to go along with the goals of the West.

By focusing on the recent events in Iran and lying about Iran's massive export of military equipment to Russia for use in the Ukraine war, America and the West are pursuing several goals at the same time:

First; Due to the continuous failures in the Ukraine crisis and the questioning of American and European policies in this area, the media's focus on the Ukraine crisis is not only not beneficial for the West, but also because of the West's failures on the one hand and the increase in livelihood and energy pressures on the people of Europe on the other, it makes other problems of the West more serious.

Second; Focusing on the news of Iran's developments and continuous lying about Iran's internal conditions has many advantages for America and the West in the current situation:

A) Marginalization of Ukrainian developments in the eyes of public opinion.

B) Preoccupation of the public opinion of Western countries with issues that are of the nature of human rights and using them to produce impressive subjects to deceive the people.

C) Activating western celebrities and their numerous comments, which naturally affects the people, and in addition to increasing the popularity of western celebrities due to their support for human rights, it also engages people's minds.

D) Inducing the belief in the people of Ukraine and the public opinion of the West within the framework of the Iranophobia policy that the failure of the West in Ukraine is due to Iran's support for Russia and the equipment that Iran has provided to Russia. In this way, by linking the fake human rights news to Iran's developments and Iran's role in the so-called killing of the people of Ukraine and the failure of Western policies, they practically pull themselves out of this mess.

Although due to the all-round activity of Western embassies in Iran, these countries are fully familiar with the nature and extent of protest events in Iran, which have almost reached zero, but due to the reasons mentioned, the process of lying by the Western media will continue by forging new subjects.

BY: Pooya Mirzaei


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