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Publish Date : 1/29/2023 9:45:08 AM
England; Shelter or hell for refugee children!?


England; Shelter or hell for refugee children!?

Among the refugee children who entered the UK, 15% said they did not feel safe in their detention centers, and another 39% said their conditions in the temporary tents in the Calais' forest were better than their conditions in the UK!
NOURNEWS - Not much time has passed since the global controversy about the inhumane action and against the international laws of England to transfer refugees to the crisis-stricken country of "Rwanda", when new dimensions of the crisis situation of refugees in this country have been revealed. Dozens of refugee children have been abducted by gangs from a Home Office-run hotel in Brighton, southern England, and the trend is apparently continuing across the country's south coast, the Observer has revealed. The report of this publication says, "About 600 unaccompanied children have entered the refugee hotel in the last 18 months, and 136 of them have disappeared! More than half of these missing people, about 79 cases, have not yet been identified." An informed source said: "Children are really kidnapped from outside the building and disappear and are never heard from again." According to him, "they are kidnapped from the streets by smugglers." "Police have repeatedly warned the Home Office that vulnerable hotel residents, including refugee children who have recently arrived in the UK without a parent or guardian, are being targeted by criminal networks," the Observer wrote. Yvette Cooper, the shadow minister of the interior from the Labor Party, has described this revelation as appalling and scandalous. He added: "Sola Braverman [Home Secretary] has failed to act on repeated warnings to her about grossly inadequate measures for children in care." The mentioned news about the critical situation of refugee children in England claiming human rights is happening while this issue is not only for today but has a long history. In 2015, according to the English publication Independent, the British authorities have no information about the fate of 360 of these children and whether they are safe and sound. In 2015, according to the same newspaper, a charity organization in England reported that refugee children who entered England are also forced to live with adults. Among these children, 15% said that they did not feel safe in their care centers, and another 39% said that their conditions in the temporary tents in the Calais forest were better than their conditions in England. Recently, the Guardian newspaper published a report on the human rights scandal in one of the British immigration centers. In a note, this English publication addressed the confession of refugee children at the Manston immigration center in Kent and described how border officials forced them to declare their age to be over 18. Meanwhile, according to UNICEF's research, refugee and asylum-seeking children face delays and difficulties in accessing education after arriving in England, because in many cases schools are not willing to accept them. There are also undeniable reports and documents that indicate the close relationship between members of the British royal family and some gangs of trafficking girls and children. A court in the United States accused the English woman Ghislaine Maxwell of seducing young girls, even 14-year-old girls, and placing them in the hands of the American Jeffrey Epstein for sexual abuse. celebrities, including Andrew, Prince of England and the son of the Queen. King Charles, is also facing a series of sexual and moral corruption, which "BBC" has repeatedly come up with romantic stories to hide and de-emphasize Charles's moral scandals. The irresponsibility of British statesmen in implementing international obligations towards refugee, the implementation of plans such as accepting only refugee children without their parents, plans to transfer asylum seekers from England to poor and crisis-stricken countries in Africa and Latin America, etc., has led to systematic corruption among British statesmen and police. by accompanying child trafficking gangs. What the Observer published about missing children in refugee hotels in England can be considered the tip of the iceberg that has emerged from the sea of severe refugee crises. BY: Mohammad Ghaderi

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