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Publish Date : 1/22/2023 8:55:27 AM
An Op-Ed that revealed the special role of Tel Aviv and Washington in the riots in Iran


An Op-Ed that revealed the special role of Tel Aviv and Washington in the riots in Iran

By publishing an Op-Ed, written by two members of the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, the Newsweek has called Tel Aviv and Washington to follow their plans in Iran until they achieve the desired results while confirming the effective role played by Washington and Tel Aviv in the recent unrest in Iran.
NOURNEWS - "Newsweek" website, on November 14 of this year, in an Op-Ed jointly written by Mark Dubowitz, Executive Director of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD) and Brigadier General Jacob Nagel, one of the senior members of this foundation and former national security advisor to Netanyahu, recommended to Tel Aviv and Washington to continue to play their role in the recent riots in Iran. This memo or, more precisely, a recommendation letter published by an anti-Iranian think tank with numerous records of planning and designing against our country in the midst of the recent disturbances in Iran, clearly reveals the active and effective role of the enemies of the Iranian nation in creating and perpetuating the unrest. In the opening part of the Op-Ed, "Israel has a role to play in supporting the protesters," it is stated: A revolution is underway in Iran that targets the Islamic Republic, and while the Biden administration is hesitant, Israel must take advantage of the greatest opportunity since the revolution. Islamic 1979 to change the regime in Iran. The authors further wrote: Israel's intelligence services should be the tip of the arrow in this goal, that means: using its power to severely weaken the Iranian government, force deterrence and, if lucky, collapse it In another part of the Op-Ed, it is stated: While we hope for the support of the Biden administration for this revolution in Iran, we should not be naive because the main priority of the Biden administration is still to return to the weakened version of the deeply flawed 2015 nuclear agreement. Even the president's recent pledge to help create a "free Iran" was quickly downplayed by some of his assistants, who took to the airwaves to make clear that there had been no change in US policy. The authors further emphasized that: In this situation, Israel should take the initiative because no country is more threatened by the Islamic Republic than Israel, and no security institution (security services of the Zionist regime) has a better ability inside Iran to provide practical support to protesters. The mentioned Op-Ed then plans and writes some things as necessary solutions; Below is a plan to weaken the Iranian government and perhaps aggravate the conditions that can one day lead to a free Iran: First of all; Israel should intensify economic pressure through infiltration operations inside Iran. The goal of this influence campaign should be to create a major currency crisis that would force Iran to spend its foreign currency reserves and increase the number of angry Iranians taking to the streets. These efforts should induce people that; The corrupt regime has stolen their money and the banks do not have enough funds to cover their deposits. At the same time, a labor strike fund should be created to support the strikers, and Israel's security agencies should lead a sustained campaign targeting key industries. Second; Israel should also disclose the information of members of the Iranian security forces who are responsible for repressing Iranians. In this way, they cannot hide from their crimes. Third, Regarding the ability of cyberspace effect, it was already known how cyber warfare capabilities can help the Iranians. When face-to-face education was banned in universities, hackers infiltrated virtual education platforms in universities and used it to train students to increase protests. The authors further emphasize; Relying on this training method, Israel should provide materials on how to better organize Iranians into small groups in each neighborhood, disseminate information on the movements of security forces, as well as disrupt the regime's command and control systems, logistical and surveillance capabilities. Fourth, that; The Biden government can also help this process, for example, strengthen Iranians' access to the Internet, sanction human rights violators including the Iranian leader and the president, impose a complete commercial and economic embargo to weaken the regime's resources, and the financial network. to secretly target the regime, the same financial network that Iran has used to earn billions of dollars. Fifth, that; Washington can also use global outrage over the regime's repression to exclude the Islamic Republic from international organizations and encourage its allies to expel Iranian ambassadors. Sixth that; Israel should focus its efforts on planning a war against Iran in the coming years, and while opposing the return to the nuclear agreement and planning for this dangerous operation, it should not miss the opportunity to support hundreds of thousands of Iranians who are fighting to overthrow the Islamic Republic. BY: Mohammad Ghaderi

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