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Publish Date : 1/4/2023 8:42:17 AM
A will that came to fruition with resistance


A will that came to fruition with resistance

The Moscow meeting shows that, contrary to the false propaganda of the dominance regime's media, Iran's will to fight terrorism and confront the interference of extra-regional actors with the approach of securing the interests of regional nations has become the dominant discourse among effective regional actors.

NOURNEWS - Last Wednesday, the 7th of January, the Ministry of Defense of Russia announced in a statement the meeting of the defense ministers of Turkey, Syria and Russia in Moscow and announced that the parties discussed the solution of the Syrian crisis, the issue of refugees and the fight against terrorism in Syria. The talks of "Sergei Shoigu", "Khulosi Akar" and "Ali Mahmoud Abbas" among the defense ministers of these three countries, in which the heads of the security agencies were also present, is considered the first meeting of its kind since the beginning of the Syrian crisis in 2011. Following this meeting, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu announced on Saturday, January 10th, that in order to start a closer relationship between Ankara and Damascus, a tripartite meeting between the foreign ministers of Turkey, Syria and Russia will also be held in the second half of January. The expression of this news by the Turkish Foreign Minister shows that the normalization of relations between Turkey and Syria is going to be pursued with greater speed. By publishing unofficial news, some Syrian media revealed the issues raised in the meeting and the agreements reached in the joint meeting of the defense ministers of the three countries of Russia, Syria and Turkey. According to these reports, although none of the official authorities of the three countries have yet confirmed it, Ankara has pledged to withdraw its army from all Syrian territory and deploy the Syrian army in the evacuated areas. Also, by emphasizing the national sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria, Turkey will make every effort to use a comprehensive political solution to end the current problems in Syria. During this meeting, the implementation of the 2020 agreement between Russia and Turkey regarding the opening of the M4 highway from Idlib to Latakia was also agreed upon by the parties. Another part of the agreement of the three countries is related to considering the PKK militants as mercenaries and rebels and trying to end the presence of this group in the region. According to reports published in some Syrian media, including Al-Watan newspaper; The three countries have agreed to put the management of differences between the two countries and reaching solutions that benefit the region on their agenda while trying to bring about reconciliation between Syria and Turkey. The Syrian newspaper Al-Watan also wrote: In this meeting, Turkey has requested the reopening of the main road from north to south of Syria for trucks carrying goods made by Turkey for the Arab governments. The issue of the return of war refugees and the cancellation of prosecution orders against them, as well as the return of their assets, are among other agreed matters that have been mentioned in media reports. The three countries will form separate working groups to follow up on the agreements and their implementation, as well as planning for future meetings. The holding of this meeting and the issues that have been agreed upon by the three countries show that, contrary to the distorted narratives and the media creations of the anti-resistance currents, what is taking shape today, after eleven years have passed since the beginning of the western proxy war against the regime established in Syria, is The burden of the policies emphasized by the resistance front and the decisive role of the Islamic Republic of Iran in this process informs. On the other hand; A review of the developments of these eleven years, along with the agreements reached in the Moscow meeting, shows that Iran's will to fight terrorism and deal with the interference of extra-regional actors with the approach of securing the interests of the nations of the region has become the dominant discourse among effective regional actors. This issue is important because we know that Turkey has been one of the main foundations of the war against Syria by supporting the armed conflict of the Brotherhood against the Syrian government, and perhaps few people have forgotten the famous statement of the Turkish president at the beginning of the war. He said that we will pray in the Umayyad Mosque of Damascus in a month Of course, it should be noted that; The internal situation of Erdogan in the few months before the elections is such that he has revised his relations with all the governments that he has been hostile to in the last eleven years because of the Muslim Brotherhood, including the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the Zionist regime, and now with The Syrian government is looking to strengthen its position ahead of the elections, even if it means sacrificing its allied armed groups in Syria. In this regard, news has been published indicating that the Turkish government has requested some leaders of Syrian opposition groups living in Turkey to immediately leave the territory of this country, but so far no Arab or European country has been willing to accept these people, and it seems that the fate of the hypocrites is In forced stay in Albania, waiting for the leaders and members of the armed groups against the Syrian government. In any way; This is precisely the reason why the proxy elements of the West, with the aim of disrupting the established diplomatic path, are trying to create tension in the positive atmosphere in various ways and derail the existing process. Holding demonstrations in the north of Syria in the area under the control of the armed groups allied to Turkey is one of the measures taken against Turkey's attempt to re-establish relations with Syria and shows the special efforts of the Westerners to disrupt the existing process. On the other hand; Field evidence in the field of security shows that the remnants of ISIS and other terrorist groups supported by the West are active against these agreements, as in recent days at least four terrorist operations against the Syrian army and Syrian civilians have been carried out, resulting in the death of 17 Syrian soldiers and civilians. It has resulted in "Badiya Al-Sham" region. With these interpretations, it should be emphasized that; What is going on today in the process of returning peace and stability in the region with the presence of effective regional actors is undoubtedly the result of the approach that the resistance axis took by relying on the smart strategy of Iran and the tact of its senior commanders, especially the victorious commander of the resistance front, Lieutenant General Hajj Qassem Soleimani. And he imposed the will of the Muslim nations of the region on the hegemonic strategies of the Hebrew, Arab and Western axis.

BY: Mohammad Ghaderi


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