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Publish Date : 10/23/2022 6:37:35 PM
Hiding the political turmoil in England with external controversy


Hiding the political turmoil in England with external controversy

Considering the critical situation prevailing in England, it is possible to understand why London has turned to controversy and unprincipled behavior in foreign policy, such as fueling the war in Ukraine, imposing sanctions against Iran, etc.

NOURNEWS - British Prime Minister Liz Truss resigned from her position only forty-five days after being in this position.

Truss is the fourth British Prime Minister to step down in the last six years due to internal party disputes.

On September 14, when she was the Foreign Minister of Boris Johnson's government, was elected as the Prime Minister of England by his fellow party members, but her economic plans and policies prevented him from continuing his presence at number ten Downing Street, London.

Previously, "David Cameron" and "Theresa May" were forced to resign following Brexit and the exit of England from the European Union and Boris Johnson with a wide range of moral and political scandals.

Contrary to her promises that she would fight for England's exit from the economic crisis, in practice, with her economic plans, in addition to increasing poverty and economic crisis for the weaker sections of society, she became the ground for the culmination of strikes and street protests, which of course were accompanied by violent police repression.

Her misguided financial policies caused turmoil in the financial markets and a drop in her popularity in the polls. The words used by many of Truss fellow MPs to describe her performance speak to the depth of the crisis: "shameful", "horrific", or "unforgivable".

It was these policies that led to the resignation of some of the ministers, such as " Kwasi Kwarteng ", the British Treasury Minister, resigned on October 22 after presenting an economic plan that brought about a historic fall in the value of the pound and financial chaos in this country, and then "Suella Braverman" the home secretary also resigned from his position after violating the rules of this ministry.

Liz Truss, who came to power with only 160,000 Conservative Party members, most of whom are elderly, instead of more than 20 million eligible voters, in a selfish act, brought a bill about "fracking" to parliament.

Fracking is a new way of extracting gas and oil by injecting a compressed liquid (for example, a mixture of water and sand) into rock layers under the ground, and in terms of possible damage to the environment, it is considered a more controversial method than the previous common methods.

Labor, the main opposition party, proposed an amendment to the government's bill to vote on a law to ban fracking. Conservative Party leaders said that the vote on the amendment was a vote of confidence in the government and therefore all Conservative MPs should vote according to the party's opinion.

They were told they would either vote against Labor's amendment or face disciplinary action and suspension from the party, but just minutes before the vote, Environment Secretary Graham Stewart announced a different position, saying the government would reject the amendment. This caused confusion among Conservative MPs who thought that the vote could be free and they did not have to vote according to the party's opinion.

These dictatorial behaviors of the leaders of the conservative party even led the royal media under the pressure of public opinion to engage in these conflicts in order to maintain appearances, as the BBC reported that some representatives who witnessed the developments in the parliament said that several conservative representatives were actually victims of bullying and misbehavior. Party officials became violent and physical.

"Chris Bryant", one of the representatives of the Labor Party, also said; He has seen several Conservative MPs push a fellow MP to vote their way. He said that the image of this moment is available.

Bryant told the BBC: What happened was "blatant bullying and intimidation" and "very aggressive and angry" and I have never seen scenes like this before. "All this is due to the complete confusion of the government."

In the fall of Liz Truss, what is interesting is that; In recent years, incompetence and unprincipled policies have become one of the behavioral characteristics of British statesmen, and many emphasize that political dwarfs have come to power in this country for years and then give their place to another person similar to them.

This country was involved in the Brexit crisis for many years, and while it has not yet recovered from it, it entered into the Corona crisis and many economic problems caused by it, and after that, the British statesmen's war-making in Ukraine against Russia caused an economic crisis, especially in the fields of livelihood and energy.

This critical situation has been such that after the death of Queen Elizabeth II, many British people demanded the end of the monarchy and many satellites under British rule also called republicanism the way to save their countries.

The political chaos and chaos, seasoned with a severe economic crisis that shows double-digit inflation after four decades, has become so intense that after the resignation of the Prime Minister, Keir Starmer, the leader of the Labor Party, also called for an immediate early election.

"Nicola Sturgeon", the first minister of Scotland (head of government) also said; Holding parliamentary elections after the resignation of Truss is a necessity. At the same time, Ed Davey, the leader of the Liberal Party, also said; We don't need another Conservative Prime Minister swinging from crisis to crisis, we need a general election and real change.

The deterioration of the political crisis in the UK can be seen in the positions of the authorities of other Western countries regarding the overthrow of the Liz Truss government, because they all agree on the instability in this country.

In this regard; "Emmanuel Macron", the President of the French Republic, has emphasized that England must find stability soon. Mark Rutte, the Prime Minister of the Netherlands, also said sarcastically: Truss will be replaced by the fifth British leader during his prime ministership!

Other European leaders also expressed hope that as Europe faces the crisis of the Ukraine war and high energy prices, Truss' successor will be a stable partner. "Michael Martin," the Prime Minister of Ireland, also said: "Stability is considered important in these times when a great war is going on in the European continent."

The important thing is that the chaotic political situation in England does not only include the prime minister, and the royal family as the main decision-maker in this country does not enjoy a favorable situation either.

For example, the; While polls indicate that the British public is dissatisfied with the continued rule of the monarchy, 11 representatives of Quebec, who were recently elected in the provincial elections, refused to take the oath of "Charles III" as the head of state of Canada.

According to the Canadian Constitution, any representative elected at the federal or provincial level must swear an oath of allegiance to the British monarchy in order to participate in the House of Representatives. In this context, Le Figaro wrote: Recently, several Canadian celebrities condemned the commitment of Canadian representatives to this law in a video published on social networks.

Considering the critical situation in England, we can understand why London has turned to controversy and unprincipled behavior in foreign policy, such as fueling the war in Ukraine, imposing sanctions against Iran with human rights claims, and falsely accusing Iranian drones of playing a role in the war in Ukraine.

These behaviors, which are of course accompanied by the spreading of lies by media such as BBC Persian, Saudi International, Manoto, etc., seek to hide the current facts in England.

BY: Mohammad Ghaderi


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