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Publish Date : 10/4/2022 9:26:23 AM
Has World War III started?


Has World War III started?

The planned and coordinated actions taken by the United States, European countries, and Western allies in the region, against Iran during the recent riots, undoubtedly indicate an all-out preparation for the start of a full-scale fourth wave war against Iran.

NOURNEWS - The past two weeks events in Iran, which took place on the pretext of the late Mehsa Amini's death, and its previous and subsequent events, regardless of the roots and internal factors that should be addressed in their place, have deeper strategic dimensions, the investigation of which could help to explain the nature of the events.

Investigating the nature, why and how, in the media and political circles, during the past few days, have been noticed and analyzed, mostly from the point of the internal aspects and discussions of social capital and until now, its other visible and hidden dimensions, which have more complexity and more effective components, has not been exposed to media payment.

If we look at these developments in the form of a bigger picture, then Iran's current conditions and the effective role and function of the country's policies on regional and global equations, will naturally lead to the formation of direct and indirect actions and reactions, that can be analyzed and evaluated from other dimensions as well.

Paying attention to the fact that the West, by mobilizing all its capacities, is trying to expand its sphere of influence to the East, the main influential powers in this sphere in the economic (China), political-military (Russia) and cultural-religious (Iran) sectors, can be exploited as a prerequisite for obtaining a more accurate profile of current events in the international arena and its impact on the domestic environment of Iran.

Undoubtedly, the developments in Eastern Europe and the military conflict between Russia and Ukraine should be taken into consideration as a turning point in the pursuit of the West's strategy to develop its presence and role in the East.

With the beginning of the crisis in Eastern Europe and the beginning of the proxy war of the West in Ukraine, which for various reasons has a different nature from conventional wars, the serious question was raised whether the third world war has really started or at least it is about to happen, in some academic circles and of course in the media.

Regardless of the correctness or incorrectness of many ideas that have been put forward by experts in confirming or rejecting this hypothesis; What comes to mind from putting together the developments of recent months in the international space as well as the events in Iran these days, is that the hypothesis of "the start of the third world war" can be considered a statement close to correctness and worthy of reflection, according to the scope and dimensions of the war in Ukraine and from the perspective of the "fourth wave war".

The review of these developments from the mentioned angle shows that after the successful attempt of the West to force Moscow to take military action against Ukraine, a very serious campaign of the fourth wave wars against Russia was launched from the very beginning, which resulted in Moscow's early subjugation against the global public opinions and among some of the citizens of Russia.

It is more interesting that; In the same days and in the context of the fourth wave war against Russia, relatively large protest marches by Western-oriented elements started in Russia and at the same time, the rumor of "Vladimir Putin's cancer" widely published to increase the self-confidence of his opponents, passivity of the governance structure and breaking the resistance of Russian people.

The West tried to implement and test a version similar to Russia, in China as well, where is classified as one of Washington's main threats based on the US national security document.

The widespread publication of the false news of the coup and the arrest of Chinese President Xi Jinping was an attempt to evaluate the reaction of the people of this country to such an event, using it for future planning.

During the last two weeks, the same scenario was implemented against Iran and all the capabilities of the fourth wave war were used with all the available tools and facilities against the Iranian establishment and nation, in order to challenge the legitimacy of Islamic Republic of Iran from within, and compensate the Wests inevitable strain in front of Iran in various fields by stirring up chaos in the country.

Interestingly, before the start of the recent riots, the Western mass media, exactly repeated the method of psychological operations and cognitive warfare, used against Russia and China.

In other words; This amount of organized operations in a short time after the death of Ms. Amini shows a detailed and long-term planning, which was only activated by the recent incident.

The set of these actions by the domination system led by the United States against its opponents at the global level and its analysis in a macro puzzle expresses the fact that the will of the West is to create internal challenges in all power blocs in the East, centered on China, Russia and Iran. This strategy is one of the models of the fourth wave war, and it seems that the Western world has sounded the trumpet of the third world war with considerable infrastructure and capabilities.

The planned and coordinated actions taken by the United States, European countries, and Western allies in the region, against Iran during the recent riots, undoubtedly indicate an all-out preparation for the start of a full-scale fourth wave war against Iran.

Regardless of the existence of some social, economic and cultural gaps in the country, which is considered as a platform for the implementation of various scenarios, the measures that have been taken by spending exorbitant costs to defeat the will of resistance in the Iranian government and people cannot be considered as a normal behavior and action.

In this sense; The third world war has been started for months and its other dimensions and effects must be observed in the future, but the point is that in this conflict, in which the enemy has high hopes of success, the Islamic Republic of Iran will never be passive.

Undoubtedly, overcoming this war and thwarting the enemy in achieving its goals requires far more, better, more motivated and smarter people than during the Holy Defense (Iran-Iraq war) era.

Victory in this war requires the government and the nation to pay more attention to the necessity of strengthening national cohesion, solving problems, responding to demands and increasing mutual understanding in order to strengthen the internal front and discourage the enemy from breaching the ranks of a unified nation.

BY: Pooya Mirzaei


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