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Publish Date : 8/22/2022 11:25:52 PM
The global economic crisis and the double standard of Western media


The global economic crisis and the double standard of Western media

Western media consider the actions of Western central banks as a sign of their efficiency in curbing inflation, while in other countries they introduce the same actions as a sign of economic crisis and weakness in the efficiency of the economic systems of other governments.

NOURNEWS - Many European and American countries have faced the intensification of the economic crisis in recent months, as the inflation rate in some of them has experienced the highest figure in the last few decades.

The start of a strike by thousands of British railway and rail transport employees last Friday was one of the most important trade union protests, which resulted in the paralysis of the railway sector services across the UK.

After the official British statistics showed that the inflation rate in this country on Wednesday reached the highest level in the last 40 years in July and was higher than analysts' forecasts, many economic experts pointed to the possibility of more widespread strikes about what the effects would be. "A wave of action for solidarity" was read and warned in different parts of England.

As Britain's rampant inflation peaks, government figures show that the number of people aged 65 and over in work rose by 173,000 to 1.47 million in the three months to June.

This statistic shows that in England, even elderly people of retirement age have to work for a living.

The German Ministry of Finance also announced: the economic development prospects of this country are now noticeably dark.

Lack of energy and economic disturbances have prompted the German government to implement the rationing system even for water and gas.

On the other hand; European stocks fell in choppy trading after a member of the European Central Bank's board hinted at a significant interest rate hike next month.

This information shows that the Baltic countries have suffered the most by imposing sanctions against other countries.

Interestingly; Following the search for new sources of energy, the European Union has been forced to use coal in a significant setback.

In the meantime, the prescription of the western media to reduce the economic crisis is also worthy of consideration.

At the same time, these media consider the actions of the western central banks as an important component in solving and dealing with inflation, as well as their tact and efficiency, while in other countries, they consider the same actions as a sign of economic crisis and weakness in the efficiency of the economic systems of other governments and try to provoke People have against governments.

The BBC, which always considers the control of liquidity through high bank interest in other countries as a sign of a bankrupt economy, states in its report that: "It is the duty of the central banks to control the inflation rate... that is why the central banks in Europe and America North, in the last few months, they have raised the interest rate significantly!"

Another point is the way this media deals with workers and employees in the service sectors, while the BBC indirectly introduces violent street demands to increase wages in Iran as a suitable solution for workers' rights, for western societies it is a version It completely prescribes photos.

This media considers the salary increase in England to be illogical and states: "The Central Bank of England has asked workers and employees to refrain from asking for a salary increase in order to control liquidity in order to prevent the creation of an inflationary cycle!"

In another view, from an angle that justifies the existence of the economic crisis, it can be seen how this media tries to introduce it as a global issue in dealing with the roots and causes of such a situation.

A serious change in the selection and publication of economic-oriented news indicates the effort of this media to manage trade union protests in England.

Recently, while widely republishing the news related to the increase in the global price of food, energy carriers, metals and minerals, the BBC has taken a consistent approach to normalizing the economic crisis in England as part of an inevitable global event.

BY: Mohammad Ghaderi


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