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Publish Date : 8/21/2022 10:01:19 AM
Using undocumented information; The last tactic to disturb the atmosphere of society towards negotiations


Using undocumented information; The last tactic to disturb the atmosphere of society towards negotiations

Information policies during the negotiations of the JCPOA and also in the years after its signing were followed with a political flavor and with a very large volume, which is in conflict with the approach of the 13th government not to make the economy and livelihood of the people conditional on the outcome of the negotiations.

NOURNEWS - Over the past ten days, after the news that announced the relative progress in the negotiations to lift the sanctions, the opponents of the agreement have become more active than before and have used their capacities to stop or create ambiguity in the existing process.

The opposition front abroad has been formed by a wide spectrum including the Zionist regime, American extremists, the counter-revolution movement abroad, etc., and their well-known media are also responsible for creating negative atmospheres, as in the past.

Inside, some political extremists, with different approaches but with the same direction, are trying hard to prevent the formation of an agreement or to make it look meaningless.

The increasing trend of the activities and comments of the opposition movement, which was keyed before the recent meeting in Vienna, has had a greater echo in the past few days with the publication of an undocumented text and audio in the cyberspace, which no official source or reliable media has confirmed its authenticity.

In this regard; While "Yair Lapid", the prime minister of the Zionist regime, has been active in this regard, BBC Persian and International TV are continuously creating atmosphere against a possible agreement in Vienna by pumping the positions of American extremists and anti-revolutionary movements and using all kinds of media tricks in this regard.

The trend of opposition has increased to such an extent that the Independent newspaper wrote in a report entitled "The 90-minute fight of the opponents of the nuclear agreement to dissuade the Biden government"; Conservative hardliners are calling for Biden to leave the 2015 deal.

This report states: These groups gathered in Washington on Wednesday and a number of experts joined the members of the National Resistance Council of Iran (hypocrites - MKO) and discussed the diplomatic and military alternatives to the 2015 agreement, including figures such as former senator Joe Lieberman, former National Security Adviser John Bolton and former Under Secretary of State for Disarmament Affairs Robert Joseph pointed out.

In this regard, the Zionist newspaper Ha'aretz, in a report titled "Internal differences of opinion in the United States and Israel regarding the revival of the JCPOA; Has Biden given the green light for the deal?" He tried to portray the atmosphere of a possible agreement completely to the detriment of the West.

The media and diplomatic activities of the opponents, some of which have been mentioned, use the republishing of undocumented information with gray sources, which is a completely unprofessional approach and of course has little impact on the audience.

In the domestic space, since the beginning of the new round of negotiations in the 13th government, the negotiating team has always been subject to some criticism due to adopting a different policy in the field of information.

These criticisms are mostly based on the comparison of the method of informing during the JCPOA negotiations and after.

Due to the formation of the electoral and political environment, the JCPOA negotiations were a platform for the propaganda of the 11th and 12th governments, and therefore, from the president to the foreign minister and other government bodies, they continuously used it to advance political goals and even deal with the opposition.

In this framework; Information policies were followed during the negotiations of the JCPOA as well as in the years after its signing with a political flavor and with a very large volume.

From the beginning of its activity, the 13th government, while emphasizing the necessity of cashing the JCPOA check as one of the country's foreign policy cases, emphasized the statement that it will not tie the country's affairs to the JCPOA negotiations and will never allow this case to turn into a The first issue of the country, the economy and people's livelihood should be conditional on the outcome of the JCPOA.

According to this; The information policies of the new round of negotiations were also formulated and followed up on this basis, which resulted in creating mental peace and not involving the public opinion with unnecessary challenges, which is the essence of negotiations.

It is important to pay attention to the fact that the negotiating team pursues the policies of the system to secure national interests, and national interests are sometimes achieved by agreement and sometimes by non-agreement, therefore, if the negotiator wants to, as in the past, by political use of the file of negotiations to lift sanctions and extreme media work to condition the public, it is practically far from the line of national interests and it practically puts pressure on the system in making the final decision.

BY: Mohammad Ghaderi


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