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Publish Date : 7/13/2022 6:16:31 AM
Partners in crime, in the position of the claimant!


Partners in crime, in the position of the claimant!

Last week, British sources claimed that they had stopped a military shipment destined for Iran; The news that coincides with the disclosure of espionage by the British embassy in Iran, nuclear negotiations and increasing criticism of British foreign policy is worthy of attention.

NOURNEWS -  England claimed on Thursday, July 16, that it seized the cargo carrying advanced missiles made by Iran in January 2022.

The British Embassy in the UAE also claimed to have detected and stopped vessels carrying surface-to-air missiles and cruise missile engines, en route from Iran to Yemen.

Previously, the United States had made such a claim many times. For example, in 2017, after the Yemeni forces attacked the Aramco pumping station in Al-Dawami province in response to the repeated attacks of the Saudi coalition, then US representative Nikki Haley In the United Nations, by publishing a picture of a piece of iron, he claimed that the missiles used in this operation were Iranian. A matter that was soon revealed to be false.

In another example, not long ago, the Fifth Fleet of the US Navy announced that in 2021, it confiscated about 8,700 weapons destined for Yemen.

Making these claims in a situation where there are frequent reports of missile and drone attacks by the Yemeni army on Saudi military positions and facilities showed how delusional the American policies are in making such accusations against Iran.

But what does it mean for England to play this role when this claim has been repeatedly denied by Iran?

The coincidence of the disclosure of spying by the deputy of the British embassy with the publication of false news about the discovery of a shipment of weapons shows well that the British are looking for a way to marginalize their undiplomatic behavior in Iran by publishing this news.

On the other hand, for a long time, British activities in selling weapons to the Arab countries participating in the military coalition against the people of Yemen, which is considered a clear example of this country's adherence to the double standards of human rights, have been criticized by the human rights activists of this country.

Recently, the media opposing the British government demanded the suspension of British relations with Saudi Arabia due to the simultaneous execution of 118 people and the murder of Khashoggi, but British Foreign Minister Liz Truss ignored these requests and said: Our priority is to supply energy from Saudi Arabia and nothing can stop this process.

While England is facing the inflationary crisis and popular protests, the fall of Prime Minister Johnson's government and the scandal of revealing the dissatisfaction of 65% of the youth and a wide range of people with the continued rule of the royal family over their country and of course the inability to contain the Corona crisis, besides the struggle for Deviation of public opinion from these crises with external marginalizations pursues some big goals and of course contrary to the will of the people of this country.

But what should be paid more attention to is that the public opinion of this country does not consider it acceptable to sell arms to countries that have taken an unjustified path by inciting war and violating their neighbors and violating human rights, and it is definitely not acceptable to implement such scenarios. The facade of accusing other countries of false accusations to reduce the pressure of public opinion cannot hide the unreasonable policies of this country in West Asia.

BY: Mohammad Ghaderi


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