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Publish Date : 7/13/2022 5:47:55 AM
France, an actor who only pays!


France, an actor who only pays!

Without considering the past failures that resulted from adopting dual positions towards Iran, based on the data updated by the United States and the Zionist regime, France insists on previous miscalculations without any diplomatic logic.

NOURNEWS - The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs has updated its travel advice section and asked its citizens, including citizens with dual Iranian citizenship, to refrain from traveling to Iran!

Previously, the representative of France, Nicolas de Riviere, had made accusations against Iran in the Security Council meeting, which was held focusing on the implementation of Resolution 2231 and the JCPOA.

He said that; "The UN Security Council asks the Islamic Republic not to carry out any activities related to ballistic missiles designed to carry nuclear warheads", reproduced the repetitive and threadbare scenario of "blame game".

France's new action in banning the citizens of this country from traveling to Iran, which has a completely Iranophobic approach, took place while on Sunday of this week, "Catherine Colonna", the Minister of Foreign Affairs of this country, during a phone call with "Hossein Amirabdollahian", the Minister of Foreign Affairs of our country, while emphasizing the welcome of The expansion of relations between the two countries stated that the diplomatic window is still open and we should use it in the best way to reach an agreement.

The behavior of the French indicates that the leaders of this country, regardless of the country's past failures, which were caused by adopting dual positions towards Iran, without any diplomatic logic, based on previous miscalculations whose database is updated by the United States and the Zionist regime.

The illusion of the effectiveness of "pressure combined with negotiation", which is a new model of the rotten and soiled strategy of the former "carrot and stick policy" of the Americans, has trapped the country claiming to be free-thinking in the chains of American illusions, and naturally, its damages will also be directed at this country.

This approach, a part of which can be considered affected by the severe domestic crises of "Emmanuel Macron", such as the inability to contain the Corona virus, the worsening of the food and energy crisis, and the increase in inflation, has made him unable to establish himself as a legitimate politician in the French political sphere.

The defeat of Macron and his party members in the recent French parliamentary elections, which will definitely make the situation more difficult for him than in the past, is only part of the effects of the continuous mistakes of the French government in managing the internal and external issues of this country.

The confusion and contradictory behavior of the French government in making decisions that should be the basis for this country's exit from the political and economic crises have turned into surprising statements, the only effect of which is that the audience reaches the judgment that the approach based on chaos has overcome the government of this country.

Although one of the reasons for the double behavior of Paris towards Iran is that this country is in two ways of protecting its interests or accompanying the American policies, but considering the fact that Washington easily sacrifices France for its interests in strategic situations, it may be able to push the tenants of the Elysee to reconsider their non-constructive policies.

The clearest example of America's behavior towards France, which should be mentioned as the historical humiliation of Paris by Washington, was the removal of the contract for the construction of nuclear submarines for Australia from France, which imposed a 90-billion-dollar disadvantage to Paris.

Another strategic error of French leaders is the idea of ​​having Zionist lobbies in exchange for support and cooperation with the Zionist regime.

In the meantime, the symmetry of France's Iran-phobic behavior with the visit of Yair Lapid, the interim Prime Minister of the Zionists, to Paris cannot be considered a coincidence.

The immature and ill-considered claim of France in warning the tourists of this country to travel to Iran due to its similarity with the recent game of the Zionists regarding prohibiting the residents of the occupied territories from traveling to Turkey due to the possibility of being targeted by Iran can be considered as a part of the regime's Iranophobia puzzle.

Past experiences have shown that France's instrumental role in the political-security games of America and the Zionist regime against Iran, while not having an effect on the basic policies of our country, only limits the possibility of beneficial political, economic and commercial cooperation between this country and Iran, and will have consequences. He said that its expenses will not be paid by the US and the Zionist regime, but only from the pockets of Paris.

BY: Mohammad Ghaderi


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