A senior Zionist official blamed Iran for the attack on an Israeli ship

The ship may have been hit by a long-range missile and is now being transported to UAE ports to investigate the damage.


Seyyed Abbas Araghchi announced the beginning of uranium enrichment with 60% purity

Arriving in Vienna, the Deputy Foreign Minister announced the beginning of uranium enrichment with 60% purity in an interview.


Korea to release Iranian money as soon as possible

The South Korean Prime Minister met with Ali Larijani, Advisor to the Supreme Leader of Iran.

Iraqi National Security Adviser in an exclusive interview with Nournews;

Iraq will deal decisively with the evil of the terrorist groups present on the common borders of the two countries

Iraqi National Security Advisor: The Islamic Republic has always supported a united and strong Iraq, and during this visit, Iranian officials stressed the need for a stronger and more effective Iraq to play a role in the region.


Zarif rebukes US for embracing sanctions and sabotage acts

He bitterly criticized Biden Administration for embracing Trump legacy of sanctions and sabotage acts on Natanz nuclear sites by the Israeli occupying regime.


Letting Zionist regime into Persian Gulf is dangerous

Stressing the necessity to counter US unilateralism through expansion of regional cooperation, President Rouhani welcomed the cooperation with the goal of helping the establishment of peace and stability in the region as a strategic move against US unilateralism and interference in regional countries affairs.


Enrichment has not stopped in Natanz and several technical measures are planned in the initial response to the sabotage

Kazem Gharibabadi called the purpose of these sabotages, including weakening the morale and efforts of nuclear scientists, and added: "Experience has shown that Iran has emerged stronger than before after these desperate actions."


The lifting of sanctions is a key condition for the success of the Vienna talks

Mikhail Ulyanov , Russia's envoy to Vienna: Not much progress has been made yet, but we have reason to be cautiously optimistic on all sides.

Meeting with Iraqi National Security Advisor;

Accelerating the US troop withdrawal from Iraq will strengthen the stabilization processes

Explaining the causes of instability in the region, Admiral Shamkhani called the United States the biggest cause of insecurity and organized terrorism: "Accelerating the implementation of the Iraqi parliament's law on the withdrawal of US troops from Iraq will strengthen the stabilization processes."


The first comment from the head of the technical group investigating the incident at the Natanz site

Currently, a set of possibilities regarding the occurrence of this incident is being carefully examined, and as soon as the definitive cause of the incident is determined, the necessary information will be provided.

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