The secretary of the Supreme National Security Council meets with Ayatollah Raeesi

The Secretary of the Supreme National Security Council, in this meeting, wished success to the elected people of Iran in the 13th presidential elections and the next government and presented a report on the latest activities and actions of his respective institution.


The United States is to blame for the critical situation in Lebanon

Emphasizing that the United States is the main culprit in the current turmoil in Lebanon, a senior Hezbollah official ( Hezbollah Executive Council Chairman )said that American sedition is attacking anywhere in the region where honor and resistance are found.


Terrorists seek to carry out chemical attack on Syria

The deputy head of the Russian Center for Peace and Friendship in Syria warned of the terrorists' intention to carry out a chemical attack in Idlib, Syria.


Crash down of the Zionist spy drone in Lebanon

News sources reported the crash of an Israeli drone inside Lebanese territory.


The United States seeks to sanction Chinese officials

The Washington administration continues to be addicted to unilateral sanctions, it intends to target Chinese officials under the pretext of suppressing democracy in Hong Kong, while Beijing sees the move as interventionist.


Britain makes huge profit from the war in Yemen

The Independent Newspaper reported that the British government has sold 20-billion-Pound worth of military equipment to Saudi Arabia since the start of the Yemeni war.


Iran dismisses US abduction allegations as "Ridiculous"

"This new claim by the US government whose animosity towards Iran is crystal clear and not unknown to anyone is so baseless and ridiculous that it is not really worth answering," Khatibzadeh said on Wednesday in reaction to the earlier reports on Tuesday that said the US prosecutors had charged four Iranians with plotting to kidnap a New York-based Iranian national Masih Alinejad.


Iranian Speaker urges more cooperation among Asian States

He urged expansion of cooperation among Asian countries to enhance the Asian continent level in the international equations.


Muhammad bin Nayef may die in prison at any moment

Al-Ahd Al-Jadeed Twitter account published new details about the physical condition of former Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Nayef inside the prison.


Biden warns supporters of foreign intervention in Iran!

The current situation in Afghanistan is something that the Americans have already figured out in other parts of the world, and it is an example of a future that could happen to other countries that, for whatever reason, let foreigners set foot on their own soil.

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