Iran neutralizes US sanctions on oil, gas, petrochemical industries

Iran’s Vice-President Es'haq Jahangiri said on Sunday that the Iranian oil, gas, and petrochemical industries have literally neutralized the US sanctions and that the Ministry of Petroleum could increase export of oil and oil products fourfold and break the previous records.


Iran's economic ties entering new phase

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said on Sunday that Iran's economic relations are entering a new phase and it's trading parties' view has changed.


Iran launches largest APG collection, processing facility

Persian Gulf Bidboland Gas Refinery is considered as the largest associated petroleum gas (APG) collection and processing facility in the country with a daily processing capacity of more than 56 million cubic meters and an investment of $3.4 billion.


Iran exports 12m euros worth of fibers in eight months

An official with the Ministry of Industries, Mines and Trade said on Wednesday that Iran exported some 15 million euros worth of fibers in the first eight months of the current Iranian year.


China, Russia currencies servicing 25% of bilateral trade

A report shows that China and Russia have raised the share of national currencies in bilateral trade settlements to nearly a quarter.


The Impact of Biden’s Victory on the Middle East Economy

With Biden elected president of the United States, some Middle Eastern countries have been locked up. Israel-U.S. relations, which were influenced by the warm relations between Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law, and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, will no longer continue under Biden, and Saudi Arabia is likely to face increased congressional oversight of the country’s human rights issues.


Iran, India companies to hold online meeting to share technology know-how

Iran and India will hold online Forum to share technology know-how between the Iranian and Indian companies. The Forum is sponsored by the Presidential Office in charge of promoting science and technology.


Iran Produces 85% of Needed Oil Industry Equipment

“Although currently there is no particular problem in our oil production, and domestic and export needs are being met, we are focusing on increasing recovery factor of our fields in order to protect our interests in shared fields,” Gholamreza Manouchehri noted


Need for Materialization of $5bln Trade Exchanges between Iran, Pakistan

The liner shipping line from Chabahar (port in Iran) to Pakistan can also be among the important plans of the two countries and be used by the two sides


Iran Exports over $2.9bln Worth of Goods to ECO States

The Iranian export to the members of ECO involved liquefied gas, petroleum products, fish, shrimps, tomato paste, vegetables, fresh and dried fruits, saffron, dried nuts, etc.

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