China welcomes Russia's new economic approach

The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed its welcome for the Russian government's move to abandon the dollar as much as possible from its economy.


Will digital Yuan become China's global trade tool?

China's central bank said it is pursuing an inter-border payment program with the digital yuan in cooperation with other central banks and hopes to be able to actively participate in international transfers of digital currencies.


Joint statement of Finlay Vaccine institute and Pasteur institute of Iran

Cuba and Iran have a long history of cooperation in the biotechnology sector. In particular, the collaboration between the Finlay Vaccine Institute of Cuba and the Pasteur Institute of Iran on the Covid-19 vaccine is based on a strategic relationship in the field of research and development of vaccine technologies.


Rouhani Opens New Projects in Free Zones

The new projects were opened in East Azarbaijan, West Azarbaijan, Khuzestan, Hormuzgan, Gilan, and Sistan-Baluchestan provinces.


Iran among 6 Global Producers of Coronavirus Vaccine

Namaki had said that the country will grow into one of the main producers of the COVID-19 vaccine in the world by the end of Summer.


Iran, Russia to boost cooperation on Renewable Energies

Speaking in a meeting with Managing Director of ‘RusHydro’ Victor Khmarin, Ardakanian in Moscow welcomed investment and implementation of joint projects in Geo Thermal field and renewable energies on the condition of Russian financing.


Iran's exports increasing by cooperation with Eurasia

Ardakanian said that during about 18 months of the temporary performance of Eurasia economic agreement, there was about 40% increase in Iran's exports.


Iran's Elections 2021; Who will be the winner in the economic debate of the presidential candidates?

Undoubtedly, given the priority of economic and livelihood issues, Iranian people will turn to a candidate who, while properly criticizing the other side, presents the best and most practical plan for the country to get out of the existing problems


Iran joins Azerbaijan in reconstructing newly liberated areas Iran joins Azerbaijan in reconstructing newly liberated areas

The Iranian energy minister Reza Arkanian said Mon. that the Iranian companies will participate in reconstructing newly liberated regions in the Azerbaijan Republic.


Tabriz-Jolfa train to be connected to Yerevan, Tbilisi

The Islamic Republic of Iran attaches great special importance to cooperation and interaction with neighboring countries, the Iranian Minister of Roads and Urban Development said, referring to his 2-days visit to Armenia.

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