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Iraqi group claims responsibility for Riyadh drone strike

"Following the insistence of the Persian Gulf Arabs on the crimes against the nations of the region and their continued support for the criminal gangs of ISIL and the takfiri groups whose hands are stained with innocent blood, we, the children of the Arabian Peninsula, have fulfilled our promise and sent drones of terror to the kingdom of Al-Saud and targeted their forts in Al Yamamah Palace and other targets in Riyadh," said Al-Va’d al-Haq


Spokesman Blasts British Foreign Secretary for Interfering in Iran's Judicial Affairs

“Nazanin Zaghari is our current convict and she is serving her sentence, and she is yet to stand trial for another charge in her case that has been sent to the court with an indictment. The court has not yet ruled on the new case,” Esmayeeli told reporters in Tehran

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Competition between Pfizer-Moderna and Covid-19 in the mass massacre of the people of the world!

The widespread wave of ridicule by western media, especially the Persian-language media, against Iran's ability to produce vaccines clearly showed their nervousness about this, whether it reflected the inefficiency of the anti-human policy of maximum pressure on the world's public opinion, and all their disciplines were ruined, in order to humiliate the Iranian people and instill the Islamic Republic of Iran's inability.


Iran's Zarif reiterates call for dialogue among neighbors

Zarif, heading a high-ranking delegation, started a four-country Eurasian tour on Sunday to the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Russian Federation, Armenia, Georgia, and Turkey.


Iran Not to Accept Political Mediation on Korean Tanker's Issue

“During the Korean delegation's recent visit to Tehran, we asked them why they were looking for a political end to the seizure of the Korean tanker, which is a technical issue. Political mediation on technical issues is not acceptable to us, and we have declared this to the Koreans as well,” Khatibzadeh said.


US Takes University Professor Hostage To Shut Pro-Iran Voices

Afrasiabi was arrested after he warned a US TV show host to stop belittling and insulting Iran's Lieutenant General Qassem Soleimani who had been assassinated in a US drone attack at Baghdad International Airport in Iraq last year.


Iran neutralizes US sanctions on oil, gas, petrochemical industries

Iran’s Vice-President Es'haq Jahangiri said on Sunday that the Iranian oil, gas, and petrochemical industries have literally neutralized the US sanctions and that the Ministry of Petroleum could increase export of oil and oil products fourfold and break the previous records.


Iran's economic ties entering new phase

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said on Sunday that Iran's economic relations are entering a new phase and it's trading parties' view has changed.

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Post-Trump America and an 80-year-old president who is no longer a superpower

Biden is not the president of a superpower now and must make decisions and act on a variety of issues by accepting this. More precisely, he will undoubtedly have to make a lot of concessions on important issues such as the JCPOA in order to compensate for Trump's norms and the losses that the U.S. withdrawal from the JCPOA has done.

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The dual standard of Western media; From E11A crash to the Ukrainian plane crash

Although American has a bad history about "secrecy" in such matters, the seemingly independent media claiming the free flow of information comes with all the lies and secrecy while in the case of the daily Ukrainian plane producing "criminal content" against The Islamic Republic of Iran and preventing the public from discovering the truth.

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